Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wreck in pieces Pt 2

Sambungan dari entry semalam...

Anyway, so after I was over at Pudu Jail in the evening, gegas gi layan bola (hebat ke Portugal belasah People's Republic of Korea 7-0 bila Ronaldo tetap hado - matilah emo!) before continuing on to Pudu to watch the sad demolition of another historic site.

Masa sampai tuh da beratus orang kumpul. I was there before 10pm, and already it was a packed crowd.

Everyone gathered all along the front wall and entrace. Lama-lama aku pun join orang ramai dok kat tengah jalan kat divider under the monorail tracks.

We waited and waited. Dengar kol 10 malam nak start demolishing. Tapi tak nampak pe pe pon. Ada antara orang ramai panjat access through the side tower of the entrance dan naik ke bahagian atas pintu gerbang. Wanted to pun, tapi the last thing I need is to be prosecuted for trespassing into private property (being old makes you less adventurous and more practical).

After over an hour, polis trafik mai saman orang yang dok park haphazardly along the road which was seriously jammed.

And then I got word from a friend. Rupanya they started demolising the back portion of the prison perimeter walls first. Ni some of the pics yang sempat aku amik.

It was a sad sight indeed. Yesterday night was sad. It went down as history - as the night history went down.

Ni gambar dari bahagian dalam along the perimeter walls. Masa ni orang luar dihalau cause they wanted to continue ngan usaha merobohkan.

Ni some other pics... I don't what else to say. The walls fell fast...

Not unlike the Berlin Wall (sounds dramatic when I say it), ramai took parts of the rubble, batu batu yang da pecah, as a reminder of the walls that once stood that house some of the biggest convicts in the country.

Aku pun amik dua ketul untuk simpan sebagai kenangan.

As of about midnight on, they had moved to the middle section of the prison. Aku dok tengok sedih je. Aduh...

In front, most people still didn't know what was going on. Aku balik je pastu... couldn't stand around to see the archway demolished.

By the way, ramai tanya ada tak benda mistik ke haper. Well sorry to disappoint you guys, but masa aku masuk - yes the place looked creepy. After all it is, or was, a prison.

Tapi there was nothing extremely freaky ke apa for real. Walaopon aku ni kan kuat noya tengok benda pelik.

Ko nak pelik... hah.. ni masa balik. Ni bukan kes orang kena langgar accident ye. Tapi ni la the 'development' that KL has.

Ok la... letih nak update pepanjang. Didn't get enough sleep last night pas balik lambat and was up early this morning.

Oh by the way - thanks to Pak Nil. Sapa yang dengar Era pagi tadik would have heard him call me to ask to share my experience about what happened at Pudu Jail.

Anyway, pagi tadi went for the media launch of the Rev Up Momentum! It was for the Power Over Cervical Cancer campaign.

Ladies, pada adik-adik pompuan ke kakak-kakak ke makcik-makcik diluar sana yang membaca, please take some time to go to that website. Educate yourself to protect yourself. In a country where sex is a taboo, anything related, including cervical cancer - is never discussed.

It's the second biggest killer among women, so again, guys kalao korang can tell the women in your lives, whether it's your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, daughter.. read up on it and assess your risk here. It takes only a couple of minutes, but can save you.

One of the many ambassadors of POCC is Genevieve Sambi. She's a beauty queen, model - and cervical cancer survivor.

Here are some other ambassadors of POCC. Recognize them? That's Gen and Niki Cheong, Rina Omar, Sarimah Ibrahim and me, myself and I.

Thanks to POCC for the belief in all of us (I'm very proud to have been representing POCC). Also to the other partners, especially Reebok which I have to mention for the LOVELY outfit I was wearing (especially the Zig Tech shoes which just came to Malaysia siap lom launch lagik tapi aku da pakai).

Argh... I need rest now. Will blog more later.



omg dearie!
who's that fella lying down in the middle of the road n what for? o___0

that's called development, hon. LOL!

sedih sangat. sblm ni, tiap kali ke KL, mesti minta ayah lalu kat dpn pudu jail sebab sejarahnya.

anyway, suara joe lee cool je pg td :p