Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turning six

Pejam celik.... alamak.. da enam tahun! Tahun depan leh masuk skolah dah! Dok one more year of re-school lagik je ni. Heh!

Yeap, exactly six years today (down to the minute), this blog was started. It has changed URL since, pindah dari blogdrive, and gotten its own domain and all. So much good and bad things have come and come - whether it be my personal life, or within my career, both personal and professional.

And here's to many more good years with all of the most important people who read this - you ladies and gentlemen who have come in here and followed my life.

You guys are the reason why I keep blogging. I love all of you. Big hugs all around!



Happy 6th anniversary of your blog!
tanak redeco ke?

Congratulations...6 years is a long time and hopefully more years to come. Thanks for sharing with us all the stories.

Corey (aku esok je sempat ke post office, sabar ek) - malas nak redecorate. layout ni pon kira baru lagik kan.

Tok : thanks for being with me all this time. hugs.