Tuesday, June 08, 2010

This little Gucci went to the market

Another day of work. And then decided to catch up with old friends in Pavilion. Tanak sebut nama, kalao tak kang kecoh kalao orang tau da baik balik. Heh... takpe la... kita manusia reti maaf memaafkan. Betul tak? Kecuali spesis binatang ni - kita abaikan jerk because there is hardly any reason nak layan pun kan?

Friends are friends. We fight, we make up. Unless you've been stabbed with the knife still hanging from your back - masa tu, all you can say is whatever, and throw the knife back. Orang camtuh tak idop lama pon. Merempat je.

To my former BFF, things have changed, and it's ok. We respect what we have to - and we learn from the past. Tuh je.

Anyhoo, kita bertiga, dan sekali dua orang lembaga yang menakutkan yang ditugaskan menjaga (motif ad bodyguard - suspen aku walaopon rasa feeling jap), gi la window shopping pas having a drink and some nom noms.

Aku, atas hasutan kengkawan - masuk la store Gucci nak usha ada tak laptop bag (ye la sejak member hasut arituh kata ada sale, nak gak usha apa ada yang menarik).

Spotted my sneakers - seb baik aku pakai loafers sepasang lagik yang classic - kalao tak very the nampak same in store.

I was reaching out for a bag nak usha when the sales assistant, this Chinese guy, almost blurted out - "EXCUSE ME, SIRRRRR!!!!!"

Aku pun terlepas. Damn! Terkejut aku. Ni mesti kes ingat aku tak mampu.


"Er... that one is pig skin."

Lor... "owh... it's ok. I'm not Muslim."

The guy gave me this blur sheepish look. Heh... amik ko. Do I look Malay? Aku tau la kawan anak dara dua ekor ngan aku tuh dara very the wanita Melayu terakhir classic gituh, but we were speaking in English... I don't know. Takpe la.. kira meka ni sedar gak dan peka - walaopon tak letak sign tulis pig skin (besides I've touched enough oinkers to know the difference).

Didn't bother to get anything cause nothing struck my fancy.

And no regrets sebab I think I'm going to be spending some money soon on something I really want. Well, not really want.. but sort of curious to get. Matilah curious nak bazir duit.

Nanti je lah cakap apa.

Anyway, hung out a bit more, met a couple of friends again and then met more friends kat Subang before calling it a night. Nothing much.. conserving energy for the weekend. have something planned. Tak sabar...