Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Slow it down

Feeling way better, but still bits of the flu left. Petang gi manjakan diri sebab teringin shrimps suddenly. Bubba Gump kat Curve la jawabnya.

Sungguh sempoi ok presentation. In fact Bubba Gumps reminds me of a roadside diner - tapi harga je hado cam roadside diner. Tapi sodap ok! Ni dia nya entah haper nama shrimp broth thingie. Broth dia leh celup makan ngan roti (yum!) and then lahap shrimps with rice. Ada coleslaw on the side. Refreshment was the strawberry speckled lemonade. Burp-a-licious!

Lepak tunggu gak kengkawan dari office. Gabey leaving, so the guys and gal decided to throw a farewell makan session.

Seronok gak layan meka kat Italiannies, sebab slalu kat opis je... dapat lepak together outside as well.

Here's part of The Malay Mail team.

Ni our fab graphic artists - Zuk dan Dayang.

Ni Anu dan Janice. Janice is just showing off her tatoo cause she got a big ass one completed and now dia da kalahkan aku punya. Matilah! Awas... tunggu aku nya next!

Amir goofing off in this pic. Bila penah waras ek Encik Amir.

Peace my foot, Gabs! All the best in your new place, but don't ever forget us ok. We'll miss you... now we're hoping for someone hot in your spot. Heh! Matilah aku! Just kidding babes. You know we do wish you all the best (but is there anyone hot coming in to replace her? - matilah!)

And this, people - is my cure for flu. Ok... so I've given up drinking. Tapi aku penah sekali kena cover assignment wine fest zaman mula-mula baru start keja.

Time tu aku selsema, so I was like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer bagai idong bengkak and I was just sniffling endlessly.

Then the organizer offered me like a glass of wine yang mahal nak mampos. Aku tak minum wine masa tu, tapi dia kata tengok je effectnya.

And true enough. After taking a swig, 15 minutes, and my nose cleared up. Not quite a mirale cure story, and certainly not halal for my Muslim friends, but still non-Muslim friends can try it as a cure (temporary) for the common cold.

Wanted to watch a movie, but nothing makes me wanna catch one. Early night...