Friday, June 04, 2010


I know I said aku tanak cita pasal any of the drama I've been through over the past week plus, but this is something slightly connected.

Of course, you guys know I basically shut down for three days over the end of last week. I promise, never ever to do that again. Not over stupid problems like what I went through. No more hitting the brakes of my life. Yes, I am human and I crack under pressure too. But learning from events past, I am only stronger.

I still don't believe I bothered that much about everything. So pointless and a waste of my time. Heh... we all make mistakes, kan? We're only human.

But thank you people for being there for me, I love all of you. Thank you to my sisters (so many of you who called and messaged me to find out what was going on sampai letih dowh aku nak jawab soal siasat tapi a special holler to Atilia and Ning for always being my big sisters apart from everyone in my 'family') and my brothers (especially Datuk Seri Farid Redzuan - nampak garang, but he's seriously sweet and someone I feel connected to with our ties to arwah Min).

Everyone - you know who you are. A million hugs.

All the comments, and all the concern... thank you so much everyone.

I believe in the power of prayers. Syukur. I believe a resolve came from it.

I promise myself and everyone I love and who loves me (tanpa agenda, niat atau kepentingan - being sincere may be stupid to some, but to pada stok yang kekurangan kasih sayang jerk) to continue being myself and appreciate what's truly important.

Things can only get better, right?

The losers who try to fuck me up... pe pe je lah. I sincerely wish you a good life.

Owh.. and I have to mention my friend Amir. Dia ni gila sikit... molot lak cam sial - kalah mulot akak-akak (tapi yang ni memang jantan tulen - bukan feeling cover je tulen padahal konsep sejenis tak ngaku - yang mulot laser).

Thanks for all your concern mate. You like family dah ok!

He even did a beautiful entry. You MUST read this if you have been following my drama, and went through, or am going through what I went through. CLICK HERE to read Amir's beautiful entry yang ending macam sial wat aku gelak walaopon aku rasa teary eyed membaca everything else.

So thank you again everyone. I'm back. In so many ways.

Everything that has happened made me reflect so much on so many things.

And I am glad to say.. I am happier now than I've been for ages.

Eh cup. Sebab noya aku peaked on Sunday, aku memang tak share pics masa gi Faizal Tahir nya Adrenalin showcase kat Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur kan?

Hah... ni album Adrenalin on sale kat pintu masuk. Have you guys gotten your copy yet? Hey, it didn't win Album of the Year at AIM for nothing ok. It is an amazing album! Seriously!

Baju khas wat show Hard Rock Kuala Lumpur pon ada.

Belah belakang siap print out songlist of tunes to be performed tuh. Puas dok belakang mamat sekor yang pakai baju nih, tau jek aku lagu apa yang akan diperform. I like!

I was joined by member skolah rendah aku si Helmy and bini dia sekali. Jarang meka nak ke benda alah konsert dan sebagainya. Tapi demi nak tengok Faizal live, sanggup sampai amik babysitter.

Sorry la ta dapek jumpa Pejal. In fact ramai gak fans aku tau sedih tak dapat jumpa their fave act. Mana taknya, letih dowh mamat tuh. Rehearsal bagai, and packed schedule. Pastu sebelom show Hard Rock Cafe lak, dia kena perform kat Gah 1 yang nan hado, before rushing to make this engagement.

Ish ish ish... and he did sound very tired. Tapi Faizal rocked it anyway and it was a good show (tapi honestly, show Hard Rock Cafe Penang meletup agik).

Sebab ramai fans tak dapat jumpa Faizal pas abih show, korang nak tau sapa kerumun pas abih show?

Tuh dia!!! Audi Mok jadik mangsa seterusnya. Famous dowh Audi. Bukan famous sebarangan. Faizal siap paksa dia naik pentas. Heh! Malu gila. I mean, we all know Audi ni stok pemalu overdose. And his endearing weirdness memang wat orang gelak je.

Ni satu agik snap for fans masa tu. Altimet kena tarik ngan Audi tuk join skali.

And that's it. Kalao korang nak pics Faizal lebih, check my previous entries for the batch of photos and stuff from Penang punya show.

Hah... so ni entry penutup noya, and also entry terima kasih merangkap entry nak letak pic tertunda gituh.

I will be returning to normal and so from here on - no more bullshit about how losers affect me. Roll on karma! Yeay!

PS - Night out with some other friends tonight. Jalan-jalan!