Friday, June 11, 2010

Patriotic, my foot!

Remember all the cases sebelom ni masuk suratkhabar pasal people 'wearing' our flags inappropriately?

Well. Semalam gi Uptown kat Danau Kota. Ada la gerai jual benda alah kecik kecik. You know those ugly, horrendous (some think of it as cute) things that you stick on your Crocs?

Well, they were selling the fake in some random factory somewhere punya types, and siap ada World Cup section where they sold these little sticky thingies with flags of the World Cup countries. No problem for me...

Until I saw these...

These Jibbitz or whatever they call 'em shoe charms offensively enough for me (apart from the fact they looked like they were manufactured from cheap rubber) - had Malaysian flags for sale.

Erm.. honestly. Putting our flag on your feet is patriotic? I mean, you're not talking about colours of the national flag here. You're talking about the image of our flag.

Hish... memang cam haram.

If this is supposed to be national pride, we're wearing it on the wrong foot. Let me betulkan sikit - we're just wearing it wrong.



yupp.. totally disagree with bout this. Perlu di war-warkan kepada media massa. It's a totally NO-NO.
btw, thanks for sharing.
~mintak izin share info ye?~

Ms J, silakan.

Anoymous : it's a typo, just like it should be 'it's dana kota... and not its danau kota'.

ahahahaaha... sabar ek. corrected.