Friday, June 25, 2010

One year on...

It's amazing how quickly a year passes. We lost the King of Pop exactly a year ago today.

Don't want to blog much today, listening to a marathon of MJ's musical legacy that he left behind.

Anyway, saja nak kongsi some pics from Grazia magazine with their MJ inspired styling. Ladies, pepandai la korang styling kan kalao minat MJ ek.

Inspiration and interpretation, not imitation. I love the styling. WAY better than Agyness Deyn’s Harper's Bazaar tribute which came out the same time (CLICK HERE for pics - don't want to publish you as really fugly styling of overpriced shit)

Nothing much for today.... layan je la lagu Michael ni ek. I'll update again soon.

PS - Michael Jackson's This Is It is on tonight over Astro. It's a moving experience, so catch it if you claim to be a fan but didn't watch it when it was released (boo!)

Me will also be catching the World Cup match tonight to cheer on Brazil who will be playing Potty-girls tonight! Boo ya! Brazil, go into annihilate mode!