Wednesday, June 09, 2010


So I've made up my mind.

Yes, as much as I hate iPhones - and iPods and the only thing I love from Apples are Macs (which is weird cause satu keluarga - and I have a MacBook which I'm planning to upgrade to a Pro soon) - I have made up my mind to get... an iPad.

I mean, I know the cool and fun factor is there.. but entahlah.

Was on the fence about it. But thought about it - A LOT!

So anyway someone I know is heading to New York this weekend. And I casually asked them to pick up an iPad for me. She said yes. Hah... tu yang semalam control tanak beli barang kat Gucci tuh.

So if everything goes according to plan - next week, I'll be sporting an iPad, bitches!


Definitely plan to get the 3g version (setakat wifi bosan lak idup). I have a day or two to make up my mind what exactly I want but a 64GB sounds fantastic kan? Matilah that's at least USD$829 dah RM2744! Matilah ko!

Tapi geram... the cheapest version which is 16GB (for wifi and 3G is USD$629 (RM2082). Unless I can get somewhere with slightly lower prices.

Takpe.. sabar pikirkan secara rasional dan tenang.

Was working all the day tapping away in front of the laptop, stopped jap gi grocery shopping (again). Picked up some essentials I left out (and stocked on sugar) sebab tanak susahkan orang tua aku ulang alik nak carik gula kalao-kalao nanti June 15 the whole shit hits the fan with retailers merajuk tanak jual.

And picked up something I wanted for my collection.

Tuh dia. Absolut Vodka - Rock Edition katanya. It comes in a leather cover which zips up around the bottle perfectly.

Ok... so I've given up drinking actually. But I like it! Leather and studs. Ooh!

Enough crap... done with work. Chilling with some friends for supper. Be posting more tomorrow.



tp kan weh...don't u think iphone 4 is sexy? i'm not a fan of touch screen phones..tapi..oohhh daku tergoda!

but the ipad has much more flashier show off factor. LOL!

i dunno but i think it's more practical to have a touch screen tablet than an overglorified phone. just personal opinion.

joe, can i ask u something? where did u get your layout??

if u dont mind lah.

can't remember. google and look for it.

get the Ipad from Australia! got mine for AU$1050 64GB wifi+3G

Do you know that it is on waiting list for 2 months in the state ? MY friend went there few weeks ago and she is supposed to get one for me but damn the staff was telling her these. So tension.