Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 15th

Today is June 12.

On June 15 is a special day. I've never celebrated it before. But I will.

Kalau ada sesiapa yang can tell me what day it is, you win a special something from me. Something small - but a token of my appreciation.

All you have to do, is tell me what's so special about June 15.

Leave your answers in the comment section. I will randomly pick one person from those who got it right.

If you use an Anonymous profile, please leave an email so I can contact you.



start blog kan
aku ternampak kt ujung blog ko tu

tapi td masa aku tgk kt komen fb ko
dah ada yg bg jawapan daaa...
so saje la kasik meriah komen sini :)

Happy 6th anniversary heheheh The official one...

June 15th is your blog's 6th anniversary. :)

snippets from your first blog entry on June 15th 2004:

Lord knows it's been some time since I last had a damn blogger. Christ! I can't even remember where I parked it or what it looked like or even what I wrote. Who knows what incriminating shit I posted for strangers to casually browse. You know how old information tends to become incriminating, especially after it's been long forgotten? Like old embarassing baby pictures or that story of what you did back in pre-school etc.
God knows why but I just decided to begin a new blogger today after reading some real shitty ones online after a couple of links brought me about in cyberspace.
Not that I have much to write about you see, just that perhaps I'm looking for some form of release."

and then 2nd entry about your leaving the office,finishing stuff on AF2 for early publication and going to Linkin Park concert in Singapore.


hehehe.. hebat korang semua ek! Corey Alias is my official winner (sorry ek deasa and Mr Contractor).

Siap gigih dia amik pic first entry dalam blogdrive tuh! Amik ko! Corey, email me your name and full address, i'm sending a little something to you. :-)

and thanks semua for a great (two days) to six years!