Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hujan emas di negeri orang...

Kata kau! Hujan emas sangat lah. Hujan lumpur gak!


Today, Orchard Road became Orchard River! Merasalah ko kan selama ni, everywhere about kalao ujan je banjir kilat bagai - Singapore kan begitu vast tak penah naik air. Katanya...

Today, Orchard yang begitu terkenal pun naik air. Merasalah ko!

Tuh dia! Teringat story Singapura dilanggar todak gituh!

These pics are from STOMP. CLICK HERE for the gallery and read up on the flash flood. Merasalah terbayang camna kalao Singapura ditenggelami air. Da la pulau...

Merasalah lari topik lak, sebenarnya selama ni Malaysia asik banjir kilat bagai - Singapore kiasu nak gak. Ampun! Gurau jerk!

Eh jap... ni some pics from Atilia's album launch of Indah, semalam kat Celebrities Club.

Alahai.. comeinya Atilia!!!!!

Tukau topik agik (ari ni random stuff posting gituh). For those yang main Foursquare - today is world meet-up day for Foursquare.

If you are in the Klang Valley, the meet-up is today - Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 7pm at Tune - Kota Damansara. It's at the Main Tower, Sunsuria Avenue, Seksyen 4, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. They're trying to get a Swarm badge. Just like the one we all got during the FourSquare Day on last April 16.

Penangites can go to there as there's another gathering there too.

And if there are any Foursquare freaks out there, no, I don't know if they will be offering a special badge for the meet-up like the 4/42 badge we all got the last time.

I hope they won't as the exclusivity of one day a year will be diminished. Maybe a new badge. Of course there is a possibility takde pon badge offered.

Friends have asked me to pop by, but may or may not depending on schedule. Apapon, if no special badge is offered, I'd doubt I'd haul ass all the way there in the traffic. For a special badge maybe - as I already got my Swarm.

Er... and that's it. Berapa hari ni hectic sebab tetiba layan bola lak (walaopon tak minat sangat, tapi sebab dasar setiakawan gituh nak layan member-member yang minat).

Got a whole bunch of meetings coming up. Government tie-ups coming! Yeay! Sibuk ya amat but going to be so worth it.

PS - Thanks yo everyone who wished happy anniversary! is OFFICIALLY six! (like a woman, it's the age where it decided to begin, even though it's older than that). I love you guys, keep supporting me.

Thank you to the 821 already in my Facebook page, 329 members on Google Connect and 57 members on Networked Blogs and of course the 1,305 followers on Twitter.

And of course, all of you who keep coming everyday - which I sometimes wonder why too. Heh... love you guys! Gotta run, now... have a good day, guys and gals!



i don't have any reason...but just keep checking ur blog each day. :)
happy anniversary Joe.

yeah me too..
layan this blog since af3 season..
and year after year, day by day, i keep on coming to read things that u wrote.. maybe it is just that i feel connected somehow..
keep on writing and happy anniversary Joe Lee.

thanks ladies. you make me malu jek cakap camni. but glad we can share experiences through each other's blog kan...

i can see that u are smiling Joe.. ;p

banyak peminat lah kan.. hihi