Thursday, June 17, 2010


Have several things on my mind.

Next week, I have a lot to do, and that includes dealing with several things that have cropped up.

One of which, kalao korang follow my Facebook group page, you will realize what is going on.

Anyway, am happy, dah mula da langkah nak amik tindakan yang perlu. Syukur I have gotten a lot of support not just from media friends, but also some big people involved in it all.

On top of that, it's been a good couple of day (and leading to that, a busy week) come Monday sebab banyak aku kena wat. Keja berlambak on both ends (my day job and the company).

Da nearly end of June. I have my end of year target to meet, and it's going to get crazy.

Can't say so much... tunggu je.

Meanwhile, you guys have a good day. Nanti je aku rajinkan diri update panjang lebar. Hugs all.