Sunday, June 06, 2010

Welcome home my fellow Malaysians!

Awal pagi rajin lak nak post entry baru kan.

First of all, I just want to say welcome home for our 12 Malaysians who were on board the Gaza-bound humanitarian aid flotilla, Mavi Marmara.

Syukur seribu syukur... praise God for their safe return.

Watching them walk through the halls of the airport was a happy moment.

Cuma sayang lah... saat kegembiraan mereka I felt, was marred. Some 300 people welcomed them home. Too bad nampak cam ramai tak perlu. Personal opinion jek.

For me, cukup la heads of state led by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin - our deputy Prime Minister, family and close friends as well as media.

We want to welcome them home, not put on a circus.

Sibuk lak ramai, sampai aku tengok tukang pakai vest Security pon tak dok jaga, snappy pics lak.

Apapon, congratulations to Astro Awani for a job well done for the live coverage. It's a good start to a beautiful Sunday morning.

Also to add, while I'm happy for our Malaysian to return safe, tapi aku harap sangat people don't laungkan the word hero.

The real heroes are those (macam blogger ni pon ada tweet) - are those who prayed for them, those who secured their release and for me too, those who are still fighting injustice, not just there, but everywhere around the world.

Let's not lose perspective of things here. No one won a war. We can be thankful, but jangan nak over celebrate.

Apapon... great to have you guys back.

Off track sikit.

Of course most of you know I am one of the featured bloggers of Project Alpha season two which is a reality Internet show by Nuffnang. Mine was recorded masa pergi ke Sarawak for the audition of Akademi Fantasia 8 there.

It was a pain in the butt to have cameras following me everywhere - but kinda fun I suppose. Makes me want to have a reality show of my own where everyone can see me bitch about the world. What you seee is very U rating. I want something 18SX! Heh!

AF8 has come and gone, but it's like a trip back in time, kan?

See if you can spot Farina in the video (part five).

Selama Akademi Fantasia, aku tak cakap pon sapa yang aku kenal kan yang aku penah katakan? Well it was Farina. Masa tengok dia lepas stage four aku happy banget!!!! Daus pon kenal aku masa jumpa aku kat audition cause dia pon ujibakat on the same day. See if you can spot him in the video too.

Anyway korang layan je la ek. Me got fun Sunday planned. Yeay! For now lapar... so nak carik makan jap. Just watch the damn video already! Everything's in a playlist, so click play and enjoy.