Sunday, June 13, 2010


Alamak! Title entry da macam tajuk for cartoon Real Monsters dah.

Tension yang amat ya!

Apparently, bloody Apple stores around Los Angeles where my friend is at, kehabisan stok iPad wifi+3G! Sampai sehinanya rasanya 16GB (asalnya nak 64GB), pun jadik... tu pun takde. Matilah!

I don't know if betul ke popular sangat ke.. atau they're creating artificial shortage to hype up the product since Apple is shipping it to more countries by July (which will include Singapore).

Ni yang tension ni. Aku tau sini pun da jual - but seriously harga macam kesial wei! I mean honestly, something that could retail for below RM3000 is selling dekat RM5000 sial! Matilah camnih!

Alternatively, I may just get the wifi version and save a few bucks. Or... mintak mintak a miracle happens and my friend manages to get her hands on one anyway despite the shortage. Merasalah confirm dia tweet kehabisan stock (pas anonymous in commented in the post about my intention to get one). Matilah nak waiting list katanya. Ko hado nak waiting list?

We'll see how it goes. But this is making me want the iPad more... must resist...

...damn... Apple's marketing strategies are good.

I want the iPad more than ever. Sial kan?



my bos here in my office manage to get 4 iPads (from NY) which cost around RM2.5k (16GB only).. dunno what type of iPad he'd bought! but me enjoy playing with it just now.. hihi. lotsa stuff!!

JELESNYAAAAAA!! member aku lagik sial manage dapat ipad wifi and 3gb 64gb yang aku nak. member dia belikan from us sejak kuar. nangis!