Friday, May 07, 2010

Things that make you go...

Went for my cousin's funeral earlier today. So many deaths recently, memang aku takde emosi for some reason.

Numbed, and yet at the same time, aku cam getting more paranoid about death - even though aku prepared myself a long time ago to face either going if my time is up, or losing someone I love.

I guess no one really escapes that feeling of dread no matter what, and no matter whose name is being ticked on the list.

In a weird way, I suppose the only comfort I got was remembering time spent masa zaman muda (berkurun da ok rasanya sejak I felt really young).

Hence the explanation for the picture above.

Popcorn perisa durian katanya... dulu masa skolah, this was the most underrated snack out there. Kum Kum perisa jagung paling rock! Tapi something special about pop corn durian ni. Nothing tasted like this. And nothing still does...

Nostalgic trip jumpa kat kedai runcit India dekat ngan rumah sepupu aku masa gi beli rokok.

We all hold on to things like this I suppose for the sake of our sanity.



dari dulu sampai skrg same je design kopok durian nih.. aku rasa susah nak jumpe kopok ni lagi kira rare gak lah haha

PS: kopok ni isinya paling penuh berbanding kopok2 yg lain.. byk angin je


The taste has never been d same as earlier days..