Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Stock clearance

Again congratulations kepada semua pemenang AIM 17. Like everyone else, ada la cam dissatisfied sikit about the distribution of awards, but hey... there are dozens of judges involved. Aku cuma sorang... but I am glad some really big talents got recognized.

Yuna and Bunkface of course being among them.

Star power tahun ni minimal gila. For some reason, cam pudar sikit majlis tahun nih. Takde sponsor nya pasal kot?

But we had Siti and Krisdayanti at least.

Tahniah Siti sebab bak pulang kedua anugerah tuk vokal. Solo and duo or group - history tuh. Walaopon aku tak gemar Amarah sangat, dan lebih harapkan pengiktirafan buat album Tahajjud Cinta which I like mroe than CTKD.

And how could we forget winner of Album of the Year, si Superman?

For me, they were among the winners with the most awesome albums the past year. Others you should listen to is Disagree (gila babas hebat album meka).

This AIM lost a little bit of sparkle. But I kept reminding myself - unlike AJL dan ABP - this is BY the industry, for the industry - to celebrate the achievements and efforts of the past year. So maybe, don't expect things to be on the same level in terms of pizzazz.

Tapi it doesn't lessen the prestige of the awards.

In fact, for any musician, being recognized by your peers is always the ultimate goal when it comes to the technical aspect of artistry (apart from producing music that touches those who listen to it).

So anyway... I have to admit. I've been lazy in updating. Sebenarnya memang sentiasa tak cukup masa beberapa hari nih. Well seminggu ni actually. Our flash mob video had to be edited.

Semalam dok lapan jam ngadap nih layan editing audio and video. Minor technical glitches, but managed to iron out most of them.

One thing aku belajar dari wat flash mob wat kali ketiga nih, is kalao nak wat outdoor, a lot of elements in uncontrolled situation kena take into account.

Contohnya.. hujan.

Petang tu hujan satu KL. Tapi seb baik awal-awal aku da carik orang tuk tolak hujan. Heh.. seb baik aku wat bajet nak pastikan my event not rained out.

Amik ko. Sapa kat sekitar KL petang Sabtu lepas mesti perasan hujan ribut bagai about 4pm. Tapi kawasan Bukit Bintang panas terik! Until we finished the show, 10 minit kemudian - amik ko hujan ribut melanda.

It also taught me to work with more parties. Biasanya aku pakai all the dance crews.

This time I had the best percussionists to work with including Batteryheads, No Noise Percussions and KL Drumline Corp. Freaking amazing crew - part of the family I work with, so korang memang awesome la. pros. Thanks to them all - and my J Squared family for keeping me sane in those busy days.

Also there were students from SMK Aminuddin Baki and also Twintech bawah Puan Siti Hajar under my direction. Aku suka! A lot of talents out there to be groomed.

As well as band Pesawat.

Ni some pics masa kita tengah prepare nak ke Bukit Bintang. Check equipment. Pakai semua wireless sebab nak nampak hidden segala.

Thanks a lot to SMK Aminuddin Baki sebab jadi our home for the past week for rehearsals and all.

This experience was definitely different from the flashmob we did in KLCC and for the Beyonce show, but it won't be the last.

In fact, as I type this - am planning something bigger - THE BIGGEST Malaysia has ever seen. God willing all plans will happen and we will again bring street performances to another level.

For those of you waiting for our video - it's ready, tapi aku tunggu je nak upload.

Esok aku bagik teaser videos sikit so for those of you who missed it leh layan.

Meanwhile.. ni nak rush gi umah sepupu aku. Smalam masa terperangkap bilik editing lapan jam, dapat panggilan dia pass away - padahal baru discharge pas dapat heart attack.

Erm... nak wat camna. It's been hectic, guys. But things will be returning to normal soon. Kalao nak up to date info sikit, jangan lupa follow me on Twitter.

Until the next entry...



Wah!! Class! Siap plan nak buat THE BIGGEST pulok..hehe..should include in the future some bloggers that got talent bro..maybe you can start the searching mesti gempak..promo pun gua rasa tak jadik masalah..bloggers ramai dah siap sedia support..

Gud luck for the event bro...

syukur kalao ramai nak join. kita nak encourage the culture of performing arts and music. so maybe eh... hehehehehe... in the near future.