Thursday, May 20, 2010


Am going to start this blog entry a little bit different. Orang kalao tengok rimau ni horror semacam kan...

But only in Malaysia, in the year of the Tiger, can the tiger actually be a victim.

Korang layan video nih. This has been been circulated via Twitter.

This video is said to be in A'Famosa resort in Malacca. The tiger looks drugged, and cam ting tong tak betul segala.

Demi nak wat duit nya pasal buat camni, so orang leh amik gambar kononnya. Fucking animal cruelty, man! Apa nya manusia, perangai cam binatang sampai camni. Apparently skali gambar RM15.

Demi duit sanggup tuh.

Endangered species or not, demi nak perah, pon jadik la.

If you guys care, even a bit about treatment of animals like how A'Famosa has chosen, please do your part on and complain to the authorities. CLICK HERE and take a minute to complain and forward this video to Perhilitan over treatment of the tiger.

Every little bit helps. So please, please take a minute or two and do it!

I am assuming the tiger in the video is a two-year old tiger named Milo, from the collection of 26 tigers that A'Famosa has in their collection. (CLICK HERE to read more)

Please help do something about this. I've lodged my complaint. Have you?

On another note - tak sabar tunggu Sabtu ni tuk final Akademi Fantasia. Why? Tunggu je blog entry aku about it. Adalah... aku nak tengok orang berjaya propah ke tak betapa 'berjaya' nya AF8. Khatam memacam da tuk preparation. Memang tak sabar....

On another note, dengar Alibi Music nak wat press conference nak clear the air on Right Or Wrong/Hanya Tuhan Yang Tahu punya isu. Kita tunggu je apa jawapan diberikan.

Ok.. nak lepak sat. Kang aku update again.



bodonya!!! it's so cruel. I didn't wanna watch it at first coz i know i'll get disturbed. but, since i intend to lodge the complaint, i must see it to know the actual fact. and yes... i only managed to watch only the first minute... couldn't bear it any longer... sedih betul la..

Hey Joe, Thanks for highlighting the tiger issue. I think the vid must hv been taken during the CNY season...can hear the CNY song in the background.

On the Natasha Hudson case, please keep me update ya. Thank!

That's so cruel dude. I'm an animal lover and can't believe people can do this to them.

dah buat report dulu, tak tau la apa tindakan yg diambil. saya rasa ini harimau yg sama saya pergi masa ia masih kecil lg. tp masa tu tak seteruk skrg ini. masa pergi dulu, anak gajah yg saya kurang berkenan, kena rantai, berdiri di space yg kecil dan ia kelihatan gelisah je.

rasanya yg dulu pun dah ada org buat laporan, tp tak sangka ada lebih teruk mcm ini.


you have friends in the media. help to spread this news dude. we now have a facebook page campaigning for action against A'famosa

the manager actually said the tiger was not drugged but only lazy! can you believe that excuse!!

shame shame shame!!

stop the abuse. i already filled the borang aduan. failing that i will try WWF malaysia