Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RIP Paul Gray

I know I was supposed to put in an entry on the 'Autopsi' series, tapi serious hari ni memang aku takde mood.

Woke up to tweets about the passing of Paul Dedrick Gray (April 8, 1972 – May 24, 2010), also known by the name number #2, or The Pig. If you are guys layan Slipknot, you'd know he's the bassist.

The metal world has lost yet another talent in the last few months alone after Peter Steele of Type O Negative and Dio.

I was lucky enough to have met #2 and the rest of Slipknot (apart from interview Corey and Joey - #8 and #1) and had the chance to hang out with them backstage for several hours, just hanging out with them and watching them play basketball and fool about.

Got to see them all unmasked.. and masked (scary shit live - but I remember Pig and Clown as very friendly and easy going, despite not having interviewed them).

Their live set was amazing. I'd never seen a show like their before. So much so after seeing them - Linkin Park was nothing but a boyband to me.

Paul Gray - rest in peace and keep rockin' wherever you are. Wonder if Slipknot will be the same...

PS - I treasure my Slipknot autographed poster more than ever now...

PPS - Will update tomorrow.



giler seram mask diorang..
mau takleh tido aku kalau terjumpa diorang ni.hehe..

r.i.p #2

Hye joe.. I love slipknot.. I dunno dat u had the chance to spend some time wif them.. Hw lucky r u.. Bile u jumpe them? I remember las time nk sgt tgk thier face without their mask. My fav is corey n chris. So sad for the passing of #2.. Rip #2.