Thursday, May 06, 2010


Here's he OFFICIAL video of the Irretwistible flashmob we did.

Again, thank you to everyone who took part in my vision. Street performances are freaking hard to coordinate, ni kira pengalaman yang mahal walaopon da beberapa flashmob kita buat.

Thank you a million time goes to my J Squared team! Also to the fantastic performers in the 130 something singers led by Puan Siti Hajar Ismail (meletop kita, kan cikgu?), the percussionists comprising of (and I have to get this right when it comes to the name of the groups) - Batteryheadz, No Noise Percussions and KL Drumline Corp (KLDC) led by Zahrein (you guys my extended family la... Bukit Kiara fam, holler!) as well as Pesawat.

It was difficult as all hell to put together as musically, it was challenging on so many levels. But we did it!

Hope all of you like this, and if you do, pleae blog, Tweet or do whatever you can to spread the love for all the street performers in Malaysia. There will be more!



Hai Joe,

I was there, kebetulan got meeting in KL. CONGRATULATIONS to you! EXCELLENT!!

P/S Angelea to win ANTM!! I hope!! Hahaha...

Tahniah Joe on the achievement. Yang penting you enjoy what you do so hidup tak boring.

Congrats Joe!! it was really great. the hard work really paid off