Friday, May 28, 2010

It'll never be perfect

Sebelom sambung kes personal noya, just wanted to share something. Got an email from this guy named Amirul - dia ada single. So takpe la... aku bagi ruang kat sini nak perkenalkan lagu baru dia yang da pun kuar kat radio. Korang request ler pas dengar ni ek.

I understand his predicament when dia kata he's not with a reality TV show ke, syarikat rakaman besar ke haper... so the promotional avenues limited in comparison, despite the extra pull he may have in whatever areas for his self-funded single.

So korang layan lagu nih ek.

For me, it's a nice song by Nurfatima and Rudeboy and the lyrics by Amirul himself ni interesting walaopon skema sikit.

But untuk whatever reason, noya aku skang terkandung dalam lirik dia. Yeap... sometimes cheesy is something we all go through. And the pain which was never planned probably by the songwriters, is felt for how it's encapsulated within those notes. Just saying...

Taking a break for a day or two from blogging to get away from it all.

Anyway, jangan lupa, Ahad ni mai kita pecah Hard Rock Cafe KL lak for Faizal Tahir's Adrenalin. I just need the weekend to myself - away from everyone before pecah pala rock hari Ahad kang.

PS - Just off the mark, I hated seeing a certain pukimak haram I ran into yesterday. Kalao aku da benci, meluat ngan ko kerana perbuatan ko - I can never forgive you for what you did, especially since I gave a second chance. Sampai mati aku benci ko, keturunan ko.. semua lah. Matilah ko... bangkit kang aku mintak ko mati agik skali. Yeap.. I rarely hate people that much - but you know who you are, and yes, I hate you. HATE is the only word. Get the fuck out of my life, leave my friends alone, and perlu ke nak come to places where I hang out? Some people indeed have no life perlu nak follow that of others to feel good about themselves. But I guess biasalah when they lack everything, them clutch on to simple attempts to emulate something they like to make it seem like they actually can do something.

Just sayin'....

And it doesn't help my emotional support is not there at the moment.

PPS - Just general note to self - jangan sesekali percaya kata-kata orang yang pentingkan diri sendiri dan rasakan kehidupan dia is all that matters. When you are second to them, you will always be that way no matter what happens. Trust can be offered - but once it's broken, don't fucking think you can ever superglue it back, bitch!

For all the pain and bullshit I go through, aku takkan lupa bersyukur because idiots will always roam the face of the earth and unfortunately I will come across them. So fuck them all, and continue to be thankful always for the things I have that they don't.