Monday, May 31, 2010


With barely two hours of sleep, I'm still going. Sempat abihkan keja, walaopon masih stunned with what happened.

Nevermind. Maybe it was a wake-up call for me to realize not to keep getting suckered.

First time, I gave a chance. Now the second time has come about - it hurts more, but somehow I think I'll more than deal with it.

Ignore it. Some people deserve the nothingness they crave and the delusional aspirations they strive for.

The little things rubbed off on you from me should hopefully help you out to better yourself. Walaopon tahap sekarang ko nak memburukkan seolah takde benda - but saying it in words to justify your position won't change reality.

Congratulations! You're back at square one.

Kerana dapat balik satu benda, so sanggup buang semua. Busuk kan, segalanya tetiba.

Cakap apa ko nak. Again - it won't change reality.

Point is - I put up with enough bullshit. I compromised. No more.

Go fuck your brains out and be happy with it. And when your decision to turn your back on those who have been there for you in favour of those who did treat you like shit - comes back and bites you on the ass, don't come to me and say you've matured since the last time. Heard that excuse before - and was stupid enough to believe it.

Go live your life as how you choose - be proud of it.

Me? I don't care anymore. Enough abuse of my feelings.

Just watch your words. If push comes to shove, I can say the very same things too. Only difference is - both you and I know what I will say - is TRUE. I don't have to make up stories to make myself feel good and lie to myself that it was not my fault - you do.

So back off, bitch, before I bite.



Alamak Joe...yesterday your words were so down and today you are back on the right track, for the better...CONGRATULATIONS, you are over it x1000 claps for you.
Now, this is you...the way we know you in here...he..he..

alamak toksky... ko ni besday bila ah. aku nak belanja makan ah sapot aku je keja. ahhahahaha