Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Just a quickie entry on day two in Penang. Hari ni PC pelancaran for the Adrenalin album. Whooping it up here in Hard Rock Hotel Penang... if I didn't feel sick.

Running nose, and tearing eyes.. aduh.

Still held it together kat Hard Rock Cafe masa launch tadik... but I definitely need a doctor soon.

Still things good. It's actually fun here, cuma sayang I'm not in the state to enjoy it all. Nak turun to the beach pon takde mood. Aduh...

By the way... for Penangits or those heading here, for one month only, get something special on the Hard Rock Cafe Penang menu.

There's the Adrenalin burger - and the Adrenalin drink (which is delicious!).

By the way, I like the Hard Rock Cafe here better than KL. It's nicer.

Yang pentingnya kat luarnya...

No it's not Abraham Lincoln walaopon ala kat memorial tuh. It's the King of Pop. And yes... he's white.

Ok la.. tanak tulis panjang-panjang. Takde mood. Ni some pics masa photoshoot Faizal tadik. Cantik tak?

Hope you guys like the pics. Nanti aku update lagik ek.



i've seen this pic td sbb i follow u on twitter....lucky u...except for AF8...hehhee...jgn mrh mr.joe lee

Nice caption bro...definitly will visit HRC kalau aku datang kat sana...

ingat pakai wp tadi
pakai blogger je ek
amek tamplate kat mane ya?