Monday, May 31, 2010


With barely two hours of sleep, I'm still going. Sempat abihkan keja, walaopon masih stunned with what happened.

Nevermind. Maybe it was a wake-up call for me to realize not to keep getting suckered.

First time, I gave a chance. Now the second time has come about - it hurts more, but somehow I think I'll more than deal with it.

Ignore it. Some people deserve the nothingness they crave and the delusional aspirations they strive for.

The little things rubbed off on you from me should hopefully help you out to better yourself. Walaopon tahap sekarang ko nak memburukkan seolah takde benda - but saying it in words to justify your position won't change reality.

Congratulations! You're back at square one.

Kerana dapat balik satu benda, so sanggup buang semua. Busuk kan, segalanya tetiba.

Cakap apa ko nak. Again - it won't change reality.

Point is - I put up with enough bullshit. I compromised. No more.

Go fuck your brains out and be happy with it. And when your decision to turn your back on those who have been there for you in favour of those who did treat you like shit - comes back and bites you on the ass, don't come to me and say you've matured since the last time. Heard that excuse before - and was stupid enough to believe it.

Go live your life as how you choose - be proud of it.

Me? I don't care anymore. Enough abuse of my feelings.

Just watch your words. If push comes to shove, I can say the very same things too. Only difference is - both you and I know what I will say - is TRUE. I don't have to make up stories to make myself feel good and lie to myself that it was not my fault - you do.

So back off, bitch, before I bite.

I am only human

It's about half past 5am when I started writing this. Aku tatau aku kat mana... seriously. All I know is to calm myself down, have a glass of kopi o ais (caffeine soothes me)m type out my feeling as I am crying over my laptop.

Yeap.. you heard right. It's my public admission to the world that I have feelings. I think for the past hour I let go my anger, frustration, depression and so on out in my car, while driving aimlessly before I decided to compose myself and reason things out.

I feel stupid, and I don't know what to do. Buntu is the right word. My mind is blank, overtaken by the hurt I feel.

Mana aku nak start...

Have you guys ever been in love? I mean like bebetul cintakan seseorang, sampai you were willing to share the person with someone else, ataupon just accept the person who cannot accept you but keep doing your best anyway hoping one day the person will see some good in you deserving to be loved?

Or been like me? Perasaan tu sebegitu kuat, sampai sanggup menerima keadaan, dan cuba ubah sayang itu kepada yang mampu diterima seseorang tu.

Love has brought about the downfall of many a great man. Apa agik aku ni yang takde pe pe... berkali kali aku tersungkur soal cinta.

After all the years of fucking around, and just being happy with being single - one day, I just realized I had to grow up.

And I tried to appreciate those moments when someone loves me or if I love them.

Nevermind the end result. I believe what makes life interesting and fun - is the journey, not getting to the destination.

I still remain friends with a couple of my ex yang memang sampai hari ni aku sayang gila. Tapi cuma sayang tuh da jadik cam best friend. In fact, I've always shared that this blog - which many forget - is my personal diary actually, and not some entertainment website (except for blog stuff mana ada kait keja aku which I can't avoid). I document my life.

And I started this blog - as therapy. Nak luahkan perasaan aku tak abih-abih pasal perasaan aku. Through the years, that changed. Simply because I put an armour on - to defend myself from those feelings after being hurt so many times.

No, I'm not always the victim. Aku penah kejam gak putuskan ngan orang - hanya kerana I felt we were at different stages of our life. Sorry yang... you know who you are. I tried appreciating you so much, and I see how much you loved me, but I tried and tried...

Anyway, through the years, no one was ever good enough. I tried pushing away people - simply as a defense mechanism to avoid getting hurt.

Da tau derita yang menunggu, I just didn't want to ever fall in love.

It hurts too much. And no matter how many times you heal, every cut, old or new, still leaves you bleeding.

And I refuse to go through that again.

So selepas beberapa tahun aku update one entry every day, the last two days, I took a break.

From blogging, from Twitter... segalanya. Just to try and get away from everything.

You see.... my armour, has weaknesses.

Aku penah jatuh hati kat seseorang. Aku jatuh hati kat dia cause we connected on so many levels. Aku nampak so many good things dalam diri dia yang mungkin dia sendiri tak nampak. Aku percaya dalam dirinya, walaopon ada kala dia kehilangan arah dan tak percaya pada diri sendiri. Aku nampak potensi dan masa depan dia yang begitu cerah, and that drive and hunger to be the best.

So many lovable traits.

And then it happened. Aku di marah bahasa yang begitu indah, sampai tahap, aku shut down. Aku tak dapat elak perasaan aku, dan orang tu takleh terima. Cuba punya cuba, tetap segala aku lakukan tak cukup. Bila aku dihamun sebegitu, aku pun mengalah.

Many months later... orang tu contact aku balik.

Mula-mula aku berat nak terima balik kehadiran orang tu dalam hidup aku. Tapi for some reason, I ignored what my mind what telling me, and listened to my heart and benarkan dia masuk kembali ke hidup aku.

Dalam seminggu ni banyak terjadi. Itu yang aku cuba fokus pada yang patut without thinking of the situation.

Tak kisah lah.. ko menjauhkan diri ke, tak tepati janji ke.

Aku da ajar diri aku nak cuba terima sebagai kawan yang akrab, the other half of me, except not a lovey dovey kind of relationship. Just another level where we're there for each other. Always.

And then this nasty feeling came. Aku ni psycho banyak benda. I know when something happens. Even if I'm not there. When I'm emotionally connected to someone, I feel it when something happens to them too, good or bad.


Malam tadi lepas show Faizal Tahir, selepas hantar kawan-kawan aku pulang, aku gegas ke rumah dia. Duduk sejam luar rumah dia, contemplating patut tak aku just talk things over.

Hati aku, aku tenangkan.

To cut a long story short, it ended badly.

Banyak sangat benda orang tu mengaku menyakiti hati aku yang dia wat, but in the end, again - somehow, I'm to blame. I'm to blame why? Because aku selalu salahkan dia katanya. Aku selalu nak betul.

I compromised on my feelings and expectations. But I agreed to it - stupid me. So takpe... it's ok to lie to me, avoid telling me the truth, or even say something cutting that you know will hurt me. It's ok - it should be my fault, right?

Even when aku tanak gaduh - when I say I'm tired - you just walk away. Tunjuk kemarahan. For what? What did I ever do to you but love you for who you are. No matter what you said, I tried living by it.

Memacam dikatakan kononnya you can take me as someone close and all - but lying is ok?

Aku letih. Lepas dia belah jiwa aku kosong. Fikiran aku buntu. Nak cakap cara baik macamana lagi? Aku mengalah. Cakap marah orang kata kita emo. Cakap cara elok, orang kata kita salahkan dia - walhal baru dia ngaku dia bersalah wat tuh nih. Reverse psychology katanya put the blame on me.

I'm the one who doesn't understand.

I do understand this though.

I have been there for you. Lately you haven't. No matter what you say.

I have compromised very feelings, to make you feel comfortable. And yet, it's never enough.

You push me away when you don't need me. You only bother when you want.

Ko nak balik ex ko ke apa ke, lantak ko la kalao ko nak dibodohkan atau nak puaskan nafsu. That is none of my business. I am just a friend. But respect my feelings and jangan bodohkan aku dengan kesibukan bagai tapi tetap feeling nak menyundal kan? Apa? Dia merayu kat ko? Senang sungguh pilih orang yang pijak hati ko not too long ago kan... instead of bothering to care for someone yang would do anything for you without the promise of even a friendship.


Aku terima. I was stupid. I thought I was invincible. Yang aku takleh disakiti lagi selepas years of practise of putting up a wall to block everything out.

It is my fault - for falling in love with someone who could only ever see me as a disposable presence - there when you need me, and disappearing when you feel that 'you need 'me' time'.

Nevermind when I need you.

Nevermind that I hurt.

When I decide to walk away, you make it my fault again. So what do I do? Stay? And be continually hurt like this?

For once in your life - think how I hurt. Put yourself in my shoes.

I have never shed tears for years now over losing someone when it comes to a relationship.

Airmata aku da kering da. Perah camna pon, it never comes. The only time I really cried the past few years was masa passing of arwah kak Min. Someone who listened to me patiently and advised me.

"Takpe. Kita sayang seseorang, kena ikhlas. If they can't love you back, it's ok. You only can love them - that's what you're control of. The rest, you leave it to God."

So dekat seminggu ni, my feelings were tested.

I am not strong enough. Mungkin aku yang tak ikhlas menyintai seseorang. Mungkin aku tak ikhlas pada diri sendiri untuk cuba menidakkan segala perasaan aku.

So I won't love you. I know it's just words. But I hurt too much at this moment and I swear to myself to stop loving or even caring for you again. I hate crying - it's a sign of weakness for me. An the hurt is too immense. You will never understand that.

Or maybe you will. That's why you went running back the moment ada peluang kan?


I pray that you will have everything you dream of, including si dia yang begitu penting walaopon ko katakan you been through hell and back in that relationship cause you were the one who got dumped. All the best making it work. You deserve each other.

No anger.

My only anger is at myself now. How could I have been so stupid to go through this again. To allow myself to get hurt again.

No more.

No matter what is said. You've cut me before.

You know I keep the SMSes you sent me. When you asked me before why I kept them, I told you that they were a reminder of what you did to me. Ko kata ko malu dengan kata-kata ko sendiri ketika tu.

Jadi apa yang berlaku beberapa jam tadi - remember. You walked off. You shot me down sebab you had someone waiting to be in your arms.

You made the choice. Not me.

Again, I wish you all the best. Sincerely.

I just need to walk off, nurse my wounds which you've inflicted on me yet again. Hopefully one day I'll be strong enough to face you again. But until then, I don't ever want to see you again.

You hurt me.

A part of me died tonight. You can congratulate yourself on that.

So now, I'm left confused, and feeling stupid for what happened. Silly me to think I could have made things alright despite my intuition telling me the end was near.

Again, I'm not mad at you. Aku tak berdendam.

I am just mad at myself for allowing this to happen, and confused why it keeps happening even though sampai ada kawan-kawan aku kata aku keras hati sangat looking for the perfect partner.

I'm sorry I'm walking away. But I think I've kept to my end of the bargain to care for you and be there for you. Maybe you need to ask yourself if you've kept your promise to me.

Sorry alone doesn't cut it when it comes again.. and again.. and again.. and again.

If nothing else, keep this promise to me. Leave me alone. Leave my friends, my life and everything to do with me out of your life and build your own with that person you feel matters so much to you. It's ok.

I think I better leave right now.

For any of you who feel the same - or are nursing the same wounds I have, here's the best for us. Here's hoping making the same mistake twice - is enough.

Take a listen to Will Young's I Think I Better Leave Right Now. This song is truer to me now than ever before. Every word. It's just the perfect summary of how I feel.

I'm here, just like I said
Though it's breaking every rule I've ever made
My racing heart, is just the same;
Why make it strong to break it once again?
And I'd love to say "I do";
Give everything to you
But I could never now be true

So I say...
I think I better leave right now
Before I fall any deeper
I think I better leave right now
Feeling weaker and weaker
Somebody better show me how
Before I fall any deeper
I think I better leave right now

I'm here, so please explain
Why you're opening up a healing wound again
I'm a little more careful, perhaps it shows
But if I lose the highs at least I�m spared the lows
Now I tremble in your arms
What could be the harm?
To feel my spirit calm?

So I say...
I think I better leave right now
Before I fall any deeper
I think I better leave right now
Feeling weaker and weaker
Somebody better show me how
Before I fall any deeper
I think I better leave right now

I wouldn't know how to say
How good it feels seeing you today
I see you've got your smile back
Like you say - you're right on track
But you may never know why
Once bitten, twice as shy
If I'm proud, perhaps I should explain
I couldn't bear to loose you again

Yes, I will.
I think I better leave right now
Feeling weaker and weaker
Somebody better show me how
Before I fall any deeper...
I think I better leave right now

PS - My life hasn't come to an end. But things are very different now. With every cut, with ever time I bleed, I become hardened and numb. Right now, venturing very closely to being a fucking zombie. Not good since I have work to do. But I guess being professional is bucking up and realizing what's important in life. And someone who makes you feel like shit - isn't.

These tears will stop. Eventually.

Friday, May 28, 2010

It'll never be perfect

Sebelom sambung kes personal noya, just wanted to share something. Got an email from this guy named Amirul - dia ada single. So takpe la... aku bagi ruang kat sini nak perkenalkan lagu baru dia yang da pun kuar kat radio. Korang request ler pas dengar ni ek.

I understand his predicament when dia kata he's not with a reality TV show ke, syarikat rakaman besar ke haper... so the promotional avenues limited in comparison, despite the extra pull he may have in whatever areas for his self-funded single.

So korang layan lagu nih ek.

For me, it's a nice song by Nurfatima and Rudeboy and the lyrics by Amirul himself ni interesting walaopon skema sikit.

But untuk whatever reason, noya aku skang terkandung dalam lirik dia. Yeap... sometimes cheesy is something we all go through. And the pain which was never planned probably by the songwriters, is felt for how it's encapsulated within those notes. Just saying...

Taking a break for a day or two from blogging to get away from it all.

Anyway, jangan lupa, Ahad ni mai kita pecah Hard Rock Cafe KL lak for Faizal Tahir's Adrenalin. I just need the weekend to myself - away from everyone before pecah pala rock hari Ahad kang.

PS - Just off the mark, I hated seeing a certain pukimak haram I ran into yesterday. Kalao aku da benci, meluat ngan ko kerana perbuatan ko - I can never forgive you for what you did, especially since I gave a second chance. Sampai mati aku benci ko, keturunan ko.. semua lah. Matilah ko... bangkit kang aku mintak ko mati agik skali. Yeap.. I rarely hate people that much - but you know who you are, and yes, I hate you. HATE is the only word. Get the fuck out of my life, leave my friends alone, and perlu ke nak come to places where I hang out? Some people indeed have no life perlu nak follow that of others to feel good about themselves. But I guess biasalah when they lack everything, them clutch on to simple attempts to emulate something they like to make it seem like they actually can do something.

Just sayin'....

And it doesn't help my emotional support is not there at the moment.

PPS - Just general note to self - jangan sesekali percaya kata-kata orang yang pentingkan diri sendiri dan rasakan kehidupan dia is all that matters. When you are second to them, you will always be that way no matter what happens. Trust can be offered - but once it's broken, don't fucking think you can ever superglue it back, bitch!

For all the pain and bullshit I go through, aku takkan lupa bersyukur because idiots will always roam the face of the earth and unfortunately I will come across them. So fuck them all, and continue to be thankful always for the things I have that they don't.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Congrats Ning!

Aku recovering from a night of partying! Actually overdose pekena milo ais dan kopi O ais sebab lepak ngan kengkawan semalam.

Mana taknya... smalam dah ler full day nak gi two different assignments. Pastu gegas lewat petang gi launching of Celebrities Club - co-owned by the one and only Ning Baizura.

Aku seriously teruja with the club, because as a lot of singers know - this is THE place to perform.

Dig JBL Everest! Damn!

Ramai artis da test power nyanyi sana - even dengar Datuk Siti Nurhaliza dan Datuk Seri Khalid Jiwa da drop by usha the club da.

Tak sabar sebab Atilia kata ada kemungkinan Malam Nada Biru 3 - featuring Aizat dan Marcell akan diadakan sana.

It is an amazing club - for music lovers. Kalao stakat nak stargazing and stalking, baik takyah ler sebab irritating kang sebab ramai ke sana nak enjoy the live music. And no teenyboppers here.

Anyway - the launch at Celebrities Club at Soho KL, Solaris memang happening and fun gila. Most of the live circuit performers were there. Altimet (sorry aku da gerak minum masa tu), Imran Ajmain, Iz, Atilia, Farhan, Elvira and a lot more people performed there - including the hostess, Ning herself pon nyanyi. Aku suka gila.

Aku melayan kengkawan ramai sampai lupa nak snappy. Only at the end of the night sempat camwhore nih jerk.

Ngan tokei besar, Madame Ning
With my ladies - Farhan, Hani and Atilia

When the crowd thinned out - aku layan free use of the Selphy by Canon. Awesome! Dari phone aku, aku print berpuluh pics jadi postcard. Matilah kan... nampak sangat camwhore punya bangsa.

Finally called it a night with some friends and lepak Dr Cafe Coffee nearby. Sampai 1 lebih da nak tutup so gerak ke Bistari lepak sambung sesi borak.

Then this happened.

Tuh dia! Sapa kata artis takleh lepak mamak? Gila ke haper kalao feeling stakat nak dok five star establishment jerk. Just in the case of Ning, she does it in style. Heh... sebenarnya konsep malam tukar baju and since Celebrities Club just across the road, dia drop by ngan laki diaOmar, Alywn, Ken, Altimet and some friends nak minum.

Tuh dia... tetap nak maintain vogue. Yang pentingnya baju ala ala feeling Dreamgirls - very Beyonce (matilah teringat member yang sebut Beyonce as BOUNCE!)

Arghhh... overdose lepak. Balik pon da kol 6.30 pagik. Matilah banyak diborak sampai lupa masa. Time to work my ass off jap. Ada benda nak abihkan...

PS - For those wondering what happened to the Natasha Hudson press conference by Alibi Music, tak jadik yer. Postponed. Until when tatau.

PPS - Universal Music mungkin akan tarik semua lagu mereka dari stesen radio satu nih. Sebab? Asyik dok promosi lagu-lagu sendiri sampai tahap sampah da mengabaikan orang lain dari feature lagu baru artis mereka. Ini tindakan drastik - especially nak protest tindak tanduk radio station yang sibuk nak feeling A&R nak ajar artis, label dan pihak pengurusan camna nak wat lagu. Kalao betul jadi - banyak artis akan ilang dari stesen radio tersebut. Local - Aizat, Anuar Zain, 6ixth Sense... ramai agik. Indonesian songs, English songs (termasuk Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Timbaland etc) will no longer be heard on THAT radio station kalao jadi. If you want to read more CLICK HERE to read my article.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AF8 -Siri Autopsi 3

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said that.

Selepas keluar Siri Autopsi, banyak reaction aku dapat from a lot of people.

Strangely enough - the negatives a handful, the ones in agreement jauh lebih banyak (yang handful pon dari IP sama je, tapi tukar nama - matilah!!!)

What you have to remember is - this analysis wasn't against the show. Just this crap season. Heh... ada beza tuh.

Takkan la peminat takleh critical ngan program dia follow, kan? Do we really live in a society where you have to hold your silence if your programme (yang hidup hasil kaut keuntungan dari public) does not cater to the public anymore but to the syok sendiri nature of the production.

Bak kata seorang blogger tersohor, "Mengkritik tidak bererti menentang, menyetujui tidak semestinya menyokong". Tuh dia kata orang kertu! Matilah aku!

Tak kisah la orang nak judge apa pon... hakikatnya, masa memula aku da cakap this is some the show is going to be affected, orang kata takde bukti. Dah bagik bukti lak, ada lak yang melatah.

No matter how much PR spin you put into it - AF8 was a failure for so many reasons.

As a show - it failed. The figures and AFUNDI was judge of that.

Perubahan rancangan membunuh AF8 dengan sendirinya. The production were not too wise (in a polite manner of speaking) for screwing up on that.

1. Change of format (dari waktu Diari di tayangkan, duration setengah jam yang memang WTF, editing yang takde perisian etc)
2. OverBranding the show sampai nak hard sell. Orang advertising zaman batu kah diupah untuk nak conceptualize how branding should be incorporated? Seriously? Nak pakai tali kasut masa konsert, berlakon minom benda ala pati ayam and lampu hijau?
3. Obvious control more than ever ke atas juri yang diarahkan 'positif'. No one learns from pujian alone. You have to point out a person's fault for them to realize - though in the case of production, bila point out defensive and hado nak menerima walaopon peminat sendiri cakap?
4. Execution of drama too staged sampai tahap menghazabkan bebudak tu sendiri.
5. Debaran tak cukup perisian sampai kesian tengok Sarimah struggle nak hype kan.
6. Jimmy yang menyerlah ngan Trek Selebriti, hambar dan terlalu kanak kanak Ribena ngan Diari (and konsert lak Zombi Kampung Pisang)
7. Lagu-lagu persembahan dipotong sampai iklan Brand pon lebih panjang and minus one semua seperti muzik iringan oleh orang buta yang main keyboard kat Kotaraya.
8. Too much smoke and mirror. Dah ler persembahan semua underperformed dari segi time - ni lak ada yang dibantu sampai tahap gaban backing vocal dan penari (especially time final). Mana gi their so-called performance ability.
9. They rolled out so much pay content nak on bufet la on tu la on nih la... semua demi nak mobile content revenue. This show's budget has been cut gila-gila (production pon tau hakikat ni benar) and this has greatly affected their ability to put on a better show than ever. Ini ibarat RTM feeling nak wat Gah 1 (what a name) nak kalahkan TV3 nya AJL padahal bajet AJL tak silap aku RM3.5 juta dan RTM nya bajet - hado? Matilah! Motif aku tau?
10.Lack of people who are really capable of scouting for talent. Throughout the audition process - meka gunakan orang dalam industri ni, yes (walaopon ada terselit yang hado tau pasal muzik skalipun). There is a difference between people merely in this business and talent scouts. Look at Idol. Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson are producers and talents scouts. They don't have to sing.. du-uh! Kara is known for her songwriting and ability to redirect talent... and create a whole new sound for them. These are people who make a talent what it is. The problem is there is a lack of understanding on who shapes the talent for the mainstream market - so in the end they just want a public face - even though hado know anything.

I could go on...

As a talent scouting avenue - it failed, because it didn't manage to unearth any talents we haven't seen before.

The kids are all talented - but are they unique?

Talents banyak kat luar tuh. And unless you're a couch potato yang dok ngadap TV je keja, you would agree that there is little special about the talents they've showcased.

I hear thousands of new talents in various competitions, and performances that are low key, and I hear a lof of fantastic singers out there too. With package too. But the sad reality is something doesn't go right for them in being discovered.

So - there has not been something groundbreaking this season. I guess people will say, that's subjective. And that's true. It is.

But AF8 - has become a horrible clone of Idol, meets Sehati Berdansa versi hado.

Takpe la... lantak ko la labu.

Ada yang kata kenapa nak sibuk? Just turn it off. My answer to that is - some people are just born to be sheep. Grow a brain, dickwads. If you want to wallow in stupidity to be able to have your own thought processor working, don't blame the world for being able to analyze and digest things in a more intelligent manner that is PR free.

So... aside from the show, what can I PERSONALLY see in their future.

Ada yang tanya aku - sapa yang ada potential to succeed.

Ok. That's the tricky question. In REAL life... there are a lot of factors that make for the success of a talent.

Honestly - kalao tak produk skema, familiar and tried and tested - and a lot of effort, and a little bit of money pumped in - dan bukan dilayan seperti MLM nak cepat returns jer, the kids can get somewhere.

Honestly, I've maintained Shahir as a commercial package from the start. Adira pon leh if given the right A&R (tapi bawah AESB/KRU I doubt). The rest? Possible, but seriously it takes a lot more effort than just 10 weeks to shape them.

So who knows... what is clear is - I say AF8 gagal. When I say AF8 failed - I don't mean Akademi Fantasia - just AF8. And when I say it failed - I mean programming wise. Post show talent? Left to be seen.

Tu je. Ok la... nak tutup buku AF8 yang hado. Hope music lovers continue to support our local industry kalao sesuatuh produk boleh dibanggakan. Don't be be bullied and guilted into buying a product or service, something of substandard quality. Know your rights, because blind buying doesn't help anyone but the people who put it out in the first place.

Ok... signing off.

PS - Yes, my Comments are moderated and auto ban on IP is still on. Tak kuasa balaci dan binatang yang masuk. Heh! Tough! Stupidity is not tolerated here, thank you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RIP Paul Gray

I know I was supposed to put in an entry on the 'Autopsi' series, tapi serious hari ni memang aku takde mood.

Woke up to tweets about the passing of Paul Dedrick Gray (April 8, 1972 – May 24, 2010), also known by the name number #2, or The Pig. If you are guys layan Slipknot, you'd know he's the bassist.

The metal world has lost yet another talent in the last few months alone after Peter Steele of Type O Negative and Dio.

I was lucky enough to have met #2 and the rest of Slipknot (apart from interview Corey and Joey - #8 and #1) and had the chance to hang out with them backstage for several hours, just hanging out with them and watching them play basketball and fool about.

Got to see them all unmasked.. and masked (scary shit live - but I remember Pig and Clown as very friendly and easy going, despite not having interviewed them).

Their live set was amazing. I'd never seen a show like their before. So much so after seeing them - Linkin Park was nothing but a boyband to me.

Paul Gray - rest in peace and keep rockin' wherever you are. Wonder if Slipknot will be the same...

PS - I treasure my Slipknot autographed poster more than ever now...

PPS - Will update tomorrow.

Monday, May 24, 2010

AF8 -Siri Autopsi 2

Hah... hari ni lak kita nak tengok soal rating yang vast kebaboom yang dicanang.

Sebelom kita mulakan diskusi (matilah monolog sebenarnya), mai kita imbas kembali apa yang dikatakan. Roll VT! (macam betul jerk) Artikel dari mstar.
Kritikan Biar Adil - Norman

Hanya tinggal lapan peserta yang akan melangkah ke minggu seterusnya. Foto The Star. Oleh SHAARI CHE MAT

BIARPUN banyak kritikan dilemparkan di dalam blog-blog hiburan yang memberi persepsi buruk terhadap prestasi pelajar-pelajar Akademi Fantasi 8 (AF8), namun pengetuanya, Norman Abdul Halim mempunyai pandangan berbeza.

Menurutnya, persembahan yang ditunjukkan oleh pelajar-pelajarnya kini semakin meningkat berbanding minggu pertama, malah katanya, reaksi positif turut diterima daripada kaum bukan Melayu di luar.

"Saya tidak rasa prestasi mereka lemah, bagi saya pelajar-pelajar yang dianggap lemah juga semakin menunjukkan prestasi yang baik. Saya lihat kualiti mereka semakin meningkat.

"Katika saya berada di sebuah restoran, saya didatangi seorang lelaki bukan Melayu yang ingin mengucapkan tahniah dan menganggap persembahan pelajar-pelajar malam Sabtu kelmarin adalah yang terbaik.

"Persembahan pentas mereka lebih matang, seperti yang semua maklum, ini bukan pertandingan nyanyian semata-mata. Saya menganggap mereka seperti berlakon teater.

"Dalam satu masa mereka perlu menyanyi sambil melakukan gerakan-gerakan badan dan tarian yang telah diajar. Sedangkan baju mereka sendiri juga bukan pilihan mereka.

"Jadi, saya rasa tidak adil jika mereka terus dikritik terutamanya di blog-blog. Kritikan biarlah adil, saya rasa masyarakat luar masih ramai yang menyokong dan mempunyai pandangan positif," jelasnya.

Norman selaku pengetua AF8

Dalam pada itu, Norman turut memberitahu peningkatan terhadap penonton rancangan ini lebih 40 peratus berbanding AF7 lalu.

"Kita baru menerima maklumat bahawa peningkatan penonton melebihi 40 peratus berbanding musim lalu, ia menunjukkan AF8 masih mempunyai pengikut dan sokongan.

"Kita bukan nak lahirkan penyanyi tetapi penghibur, sekarang pun ada bekas pelajar yang telah tersingkir sedang merakamkan single mereka," jelasnya.

Sementara itu, dia turut mengakui Diari AF8 mempengaruhi tanggapan segelintir masyarakat terhadap pelajar-pelajar.

"Saya sedar ramai yang menonton Diari AF8 menganggap pelajar banyak main-main berbanding belajar, namun itu hanya drama. Di sebalik itu mereka belajar dengan bersungguh-sungguh.

"Kami tidak pernah main-main mengajar, namun masyarakat tidak nampak perkara itu, sebab ia tidak tunjuk di televisyen," katanya.

Tiada Penyingkiran, gimik AF8.

Kejutan yang sudah dijangka apabila tiada sebarang penyingkiran dilakukan pada minggu ke lima ini. Menurut Ketua Saluran Astro Ria, Azlin Reza Azmi, pihaknya sengaja merancang tidak mengadakan penyingkiran pada minggu ini bagi menampilkan kejutan terhadap AF8.

"Ia sudah menjadi sebahagian permainan kepada AF8 dan saya berharap keputusan ini akan meningkatkan mutu persembahan para pelajar untuk bersaing pada minggu seterusnya," ujarnya.

Seramai lapan pelajar lagi akan meneruskan perjuangan mereka iaitu Adira, Ain, Farina, Iwan, Daus, Maulana, Shahir dan Nad akan meneruskan perjuang

Abaikan semua statement yang tidak relevan, except for the one highlighted in bold red lettering yer. Tu yang kena pay attention.

40% tuh lebih dri AF7... gila hebatnya AF8.

But... 40% of what? Jumlah orang menonton wat minggu kelima tu? Or jumlah orang setakat tu? Atau jumlah peningkatan orang yang layan iklan Brands? Merasalah...

Sebab meka suka sangat bandingkan ngan AF7 - mai kita compare figures dari Arianna TV ratings system dari Nielsen. Ni tuk sembilan concert (tak termasuk final lagik)

Untuk AF8, here is the breakdown penonton (ni ikut sistem ek, bukan jiran aku yang wat kan)

Tirai Akademi Fantasia - 835,943
Konsert 1 - 803,598 Konsert 1 - 937,915
Konsert 2 - 810,478 Konsert 2 - 1,119,390
Konsert 3 - 748,816 Konsert 3 - 1,051,299
Konsert 4 - 639,156 Konsert 4 - 994,402
Konsert 5 - 679,768 Konsert 5 - 1,020,011
Konsert 6 - 617,260 Konsert 6 - 1,010,973
Konsert 7 - 590,012 Konsert 7 - 812,477
Konsert 8 - 729,095 Konsert 8 - 786,810
Konsert 9 - 733,556 Konsert 9 - 990,923

Mungkin aku tak pandai Matematik... tapi aku tak nampak pon peningkatan 40% yang dikatakan. Korang nampak ke?

Mereka tak berikan angka untuk jumlah penonton bagi konsert akhir, tapi aku dengar dalam lingkungan 1.1 juta orang. Konsert akhir AF7 pun 1.24 juta orang. Masih takde peningkatan 40% pun?

Aku diberitahu pihak Astro masa meka insist ni raw data... and lom dipecahkan. Merasalah... takkan nak kata menang 40% peningkatan dalam masa seminit bagai? Lagikpon, selama ni meka kuar statistik main suka ati pon. Tak penah nak transparent ngan penonton.

Penonton pun kekadang dipropah bagai kan? Bila kata ningkat caya buta-buta. Hype katanya... nak jual produk hype je lebih.

Minat data dan figures? Ni dari AF3 sampai AF8 - trivia nih. Mai tengok AF mana paling hambar. Sebab data tuk AF8 secara rasmi la kira aku dapat sampai ke minggu kesembilan, aku wat kesimpulan logik dari sembilan minggu musim lain.

By the way, channel share ni maksudnya peratusan tontonan pelanggan Astro ek ke atas program. Sebab sejak lepas AF2, melonjak berjuta subscriber Astro, nak ikut rating saja iaitu jumlah tontonan orang pun not fair kan? So nak dapat gambaran sebenar kita ada rating dan channel share.

Ni rumusan dapat aku wat. Based on data received.

AF8 (nilai dalam bracket is jumlah penonton/channel share)
Highest rating - (Tirai – 835,943/42.1%)
Lowest rating - (Konsert 7 – 590,012/35.8%)
Lowest channel share – (Konsert 6 – 617, 260/32.45)
Average – 798,632

Highest rating – (Konsert 2 – 1,1119,390/57.1%)
Lowest rating (Konsert 8 – 786,810/44.1%)
Lowest channel share – (Konsert 8 – 786,810/44.1%)
Average – 993,356
FINAL – 1,242,192 (57.9%)

Highest rating – (Konsert 3 - 1,382,188/66.8%)
Lowest rating – (Konsert 9 – 946,168/63.2%)
Lowest channel share – (Konsert 7 – 1,171,055/60.1%)
Average – 1,229,884

Highest rating – (Konsert 2 – 1,045,197/68.5%)
Lowest rating (Konsert 9 – 916,244/57.5%)
Lowest channel share – (Konsert 9 – 916,244/57.5%)
Average – 1,002,242

Highest rating – (Konsert 9 - 1,196,416/76.5%)
Lowest rating (Konsert 5 – 832,355/68.4%)
Lowest channel share – (Konsert 1 – 880,122/67.9%)
Average – 985,075

Highest rating – (Konsert 8 – 1,043,758/82.1%)
Lowest rating - (Konsert 1 – 603,680/73.3%)
Lowest channel share - (Konsert 1 – 603,680/73.3%)
Average – 851,086

Hah... tengok tu. Sehazab AF4 pon lebih tinggi. Seteruk AFUNDI AF6 pun ratings meletop. Sebusuk meka compare ngan AF7 pun kalah... so mana mai nya 40%? Persoalannya... apakah yang berjaya mengenai AF8.

Aku diam sejak minggu kelima sebab aku da katakan tunggu aku dapat official figure, walaopon masa tu kompang yang AF8 tinggi gila angka-angka.

Now you see?

Tunggu autopsi siri ketiga. Sementara tu, layan rumusan dalam The Malay Mail.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

AF8 -Siri Autopsi 1

Aku katakan autopsy selepas selesai because for me (and this is personal), AF8 died!

Forget post-mortem, aku katakan ni autopsi terus nak bedah siasat apa yang jadik.

But wait a minute!!! Bukan ke production yang hebat canang kata betapa berjayanya AF8! Tanpa concrete facts and figures. Tapi ada siap dalam laporan media kata 40% increase tu in penonton. Siap student dalam tu kata best ever!!!

Hold on a minute right there.

This was the scene that greeted us masa gi Stadium Putra. These pictures were taken at 8.15pm.

Dahlah arena nya seat memang kurang gila, spaced out - nak bagi ilusi ramai... walaopon...

And masaalahnya kenapa jam 8.15pm still camni? Sapa penah AF final sebelom sebelom ni tau la beza nya. Yang jenis nak mempertahankan without knowing tu - understandable akan meroyan je kang.

Anyway.. moving on - stage? Recycle! Xanadu tetap. Tapi tak nampak addition cuma side nya lampu angkat higher, and stakat sumbat screens here and there. Erm... tak rasa final pon kalao tengok set-up.

Production ingat ni Sehati Berdansa ke?

Ok ok... anyway the show ended. Kita ramai yang terpinga-pinga. What just happened. Erm.. no energy. Takpela... bak alasan paling hebat abad ni yang repeated ly diberi - IT'S SUBJECTIVE (kata kau....)

Apapon.. sebelom aku kemukan apa-apa bits and pieces I think semua peminat hardcore Akademi Fantasia should know - congrats pada bebudak. Tapi it's going to be... welll... let's going to be a very bumpy ride.

AF8 - is now officially - THE WORST musim dalam sejarah Akademi Fantasia. Sapa ikut walaopon beberapa minggu pon could have felt it. Sapa gi final lagik tau hazab celakanya perasaan kalao banding kemeriahan dulu (walaopon yang tak penah rasa tu bagaikan baru dapat sesuatu yang mewah katanya). What else? Tunggu je...

For now - let the figures do the talking.

Jumlah AFUNDI sepanjang AF8 yang konon sebegitu fabulous! Meningkat kah? Betul ke the best ever?

Mai kita recap. Ni jumlah AFUNDI musim-musim sebelum ni.

AF1 (4.5 juta)
AF2 (15 juta)
AF3 (10.9 juta)
AF4 (7.4 juta),
AF5 (6.6 juta)
AF6 (3.9 juta)
AF7 (5.5 juta)

Aiyo... haus gak AF6 kan... tapi kan AF6 rating antara paling tinggi, so offset la sikit kan kalao nak kata success. AF8 yang hebat tahap hampagas?

3.75 juta undian keseluruhan musim. Wow. Memang hebat! First dari belakang....

Tunggu next entry lak ye...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Konsert Akhir Akademi Fantasia 8

Carutan, pics and sebagainya LIVE over Twitter - add me on @klubbkiddkl NOW and join the fun!!! Gawwwwwwwwww-geeeeoussssss!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Aduh... badan sakit gila babiks. Macam kena langgar bas rasanya - padahal hasil main futsal jerk... SELAMA SEMINIT! Hado ko?

Semua akibat Project Alpha punya futsal challenge one on one Adidas Ole KO Challenge kat Midvalley Megamall. Semua bloggers berlawan kalah mati konsep main futsal. Si Budiey kalahkan aku (awas ko!) ngan satu je gol

The pay-off?

Berbaloi la gak. We had dinner after that at Delicious (masa tu badan tak sakit... kalao tak sakit camni makan lebih). But thank you anyway folks at Adidas who chowed down with us.

As you can see, I had the duck confit spaghettini with sundried tomatoes and coriander, a Magnolia Bakery inspired bananarama with white chocolate frosting and tiramisu! Matilah.... I stuffed myself with more calories than I burned!

Anyway, this is going to be a short entry cause I need my rest.

Esok memang headless chicken sikit.

I will be on Rosyam Noor's Fenomena Seni over TV1 at 2pm. Isu asal artis dan peminat tak silap, bersama ngan Saiful Apek dan Mila.

Pastu lewat sikit, of course final Akademi Fantasia 8.

Aku da diam the whole musim sejak halfway seriously because it was nothing but painful.

And aku da predict (not predict, but stated THE FACT) that AF8 is the WORST ever. As a fan - suka hati la aku nak cakap. Nak salahkan pendapat aku, tuding jari je kat production yang lemau.

The proof is all there, and I can't wait for tonight's press conference to prove the fact that it IS the worst.

Pada yang tak setuju (which memang setakat ni takde kecuali pihak-pihak terlibat yang masuk sini anonymous comment manjang), tunggu je for it here. Kang aku update sepenuh-penuh.

Anyway, a little bit more - live tweeting fro the final, of course (so kalao korang lom add aku kat Twitter, it's @klubbkiddkl) and MAYBE, just maybe... live blogging as well as dari the final. Korang masuk sini usha je when the show starts.

Ok.. nak gi nurse myself first and rest before tomorrow.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Am going to start this blog entry a little bit different. Orang kalao tengok rimau ni horror semacam kan...

But only in Malaysia, in the year of the Tiger, can the tiger actually be a victim.

Korang layan video nih. This has been been circulated via Twitter.

This video is said to be in A'Famosa resort in Malacca. The tiger looks drugged, and cam ting tong tak betul segala.

Demi nak wat duit nya pasal buat camni, so orang leh amik gambar kononnya. Fucking animal cruelty, man! Apa nya manusia, perangai cam binatang sampai camni. Apparently skali gambar RM15.

Demi duit sanggup tuh.

Endangered species or not, demi nak perah, pon jadik la.

If you guys care, even a bit about treatment of animals like how A'Famosa has chosen, please do your part on and complain to the authorities. CLICK HERE and take a minute to complain and forward this video to Perhilitan over treatment of the tiger.

Every little bit helps. So please, please take a minute or two and do it!

I am assuming the tiger in the video is a two-year old tiger named Milo, from the collection of 26 tigers that A'Famosa has in their collection. (CLICK HERE to read more)

Please help do something about this. I've lodged my complaint. Have you?

On another note - tak sabar tunggu Sabtu ni tuk final Akademi Fantasia. Why? Tunggu je blog entry aku about it. Adalah... aku nak tengok orang berjaya propah ke tak betapa 'berjaya' nya AF8. Khatam memacam da tuk preparation. Memang tak sabar....

On another note, dengar Alibi Music nak wat press conference nak clear the air on Right Or Wrong/Hanya Tuhan Yang Tahu punya isu. Kita tunggu je apa jawapan diberikan.

Ok.. nak lepak sat. Kang aku update again.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Siang tadi gi majlis satu nih. Kind of like a thank you event organized by Shruthi and her management. Dak tu menang tuk Best Local Indian Album tuk debut dia Life Is A Mystery masa Anugerah industri Muzik lepas. Kira meletop la sebab dak tu baru masuk umur 15 tahun.

Amik ko! Youngest ever winner of AIM tuh.

Masa gi tuh ngan Rudy, terserempak ngan someone familiar.

Heh... cikgu Siti. Discuss la pasal projek kita yang lepas. Mana taknya... semua memasing sibuk tak sempat post mortem.

Jap... snappy cikgu jap!

Oh merasalah cikgu posing. Janji ngan AIM ok! Ko hado? Matilah aku kena marah ngan cikgu for posting the pic up here.

Anyway... good news today. Sort of. Sambil tunggu one more prospective client nak confirm date tuk project... satu agik call. Haus la sikit bajet dia, tapi discussions still on. Me likey! Syukur... rezeki tak putus.

Yang pentingnya, pasni masuk era baru. Ngan berkat hasil usaha selama ni, syarikat sendiri tengah merancang more things. Nanti je la cita. Tunggu confirm.

Hari ni panas kembali pas ujan semalam... mood malas menyerang kembali.

Minggu ni bayak event lak. Nanti la... aku update pepanjang sikit.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sesi apakah?

Ni sesi apakah...

Tanpa sebut nama dan mengaibkan kawan-kawan... ni seorang teman ku yang aku rasa pelik (aku rasa la).

Masa gi lepak umah dia semalam - leh dia nak makan nasi.

Tapi yang pelik nya, dalam segala kemewahan, dia makan ni je.

Tuh dia... nasi putih, butter dan keju!!!! Like seriously?

Erm... aku pon skali skala suka makan simple entah kenapa, tapi takde tahap camni. Telur goreng ngan kicap pekat, plus nasi putih. Ok la... I don't know.. this is just weird.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Hari-hari malas berterusan. Ada la banyak yang memalaskan aku dari blogging wat beberapa hari. Ala.... ok lah tuh kan. Tiap hari nak ada entry, biar sekali sekala aku cuti dari nak terus blogging. Tu pun siap ada backdate entry lak.

Anyway, didn't do much today.

Popped in the office, mengamuk sikit. Mana taknya... ada la masaalah mendatang dengan Blackberry... simpan je la cita wat diri sendiri.

Anyway, temankan diri ngan layan show Najwa.

Apart from Yuna, seriously aku excited talent cam dia. Memang bakat yang leh wat terpukau bila bukak mulot. And seriously I think in the past year, I think she has matured so much.

Anyway, dia wat show kat Celebrities Club miik Ning. Sound? Awesome! Aku suka gila nak tengok show sini. Entry RM25 more worth it than most showcases I've been to.

Had two sets yang best gila! Layan... ni sapa minat Ning (lagu baru dia Mama Papa on air skang... jangan lupa request) and Najwa (me likey likey her a lot!) - aku snappy pic tuk korang.

Ok Monday, and decent start to the week.... pasni mintak-mintak rajin blogging balik.

But by the end of this week, ada something exclusive nak share ngan korang. Sapa da lama ikut blog aku mesti suka...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Taking a break!

Hari ni hari malas. Banyak nak tulis tapi malas tahap Ultragaban gituh!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


After my last entry, I got this email. Click on it to read the full email.

I will not delete the entry as I put forward both claims, and did not make any allegation of fraud and I have explained to Mr Francis Cobb, who says he is the arranger of the song, and licensed it to Natasha to use (following what is said in the email)

I said in the previous entry Miss Natasha claimed to have written the song, and put forward Miss Kimberly Chuah's claims too using the word CLAIM. In no way did I intentionally or unintentionally refer to the matter nor did I allege that either party had committed fraud.

Kim's claims are on Youtube by the video linked, while Natasha's claim of co-composing the song with Cat Farish is recorded in press articles like this one below from mstar (CLICK HERE for original article) which I have highlighted in red.

Natasha Menyanyi Bukan Sekadar Lepaskan Batuk Di Tangga

Aksi terbaru Natasha Hudson di Konsert Alibi kelmarin yang turut mengumumkan kemunculannya sebagai penyanyi. - Foto The Star oleh RICKY LAI

SEMPENA kedatangan 2010, aktres Natasha Hudson bertekad untuk membuang jauh-jauh semua 'episod duka' yang pernah membelenggu dirinya sebelum ini. Untuk tahun ini, Natasha Liana Hudson ingin lebih fokus pada karier seninya.

Terbaru, pelakon dan model ini bakal melebarkan cabang seninya ke bidang nyanyian pula.

Ujar Natasha, keyakinannya terhadap strategi promosi dan pemasaran serta fleksibiliti yang dipraktikkan oleh syarikat Alibi terhadap imej dan konsep albumnya telah menawannya untuk bernaung di bawah syarikat itu.

"Sebenarnya, saya sudah menjadi artis mereka sejak November lalu. Cuma, kebetulan di Konsert Alibi, malam semalam (kelmarin) baru saya diperkenalkan kepada umum.

"Penyertaan saya dalam Alibi, berikutan hubungan rapat saya dengan Cat Farish. Mengikut perancangan asal, album saya sepatutnya diterbitkan oleh Cat, beberapa tahun yang lepas.

"Tapi, disebabkan oleh beberapa masalah dan kesibukan kerja, projek itu tertangguh begitu sahaja hingga hari ini.

"Kebetulan pula, Cat dan kumpulannya The Fabulous Cats juga bernaung di bawah Metadome.

"Apabila Alibi bertanya kepada saya jika saya berminat untuk bernaung di bawah mereka, saya terus bersetuju kerana saya sudah mengenali beberapa rakan artis di bawah label itu dengan rapat termasuklah Cat Farish.

"Saya selesa dan yakin dengan strategi pemasaran pasukan mereka. Tambahan pula, aliran muzik dan konsep yang dipertaruhkan Alibi menerusi artis-artisnya terkini dan menepati selera pendengar masakini.

"Mereka juga terbuka dalam banyak perkara. Saya senang dengan budaya kerja mereka yang terbuka untuk perbincangan dan sesi brainstorming idea lagu-lagu dan konsep untuk saya.

"Perkara yang menyeronokkan berada di bawah label ini adalah saya diberi kebebasan untuk campur tangan dalam proses penerbitan lagu-lagu saya.

"Selain dapat berkongsi idea untul lagu, saya juga terlibat dalam penghasilan lirik lagu.

Bercerita lanjut mengenai imej dan konsep lagu yang bakal ditampilkan, Natasha berkata, dia dan beberapa rakan menelaah banyak rujukan bagi mencari konsep lagu dan imej yang bersesuaian untuknya.

"Saya selalu mahu tampilkan sesuatu yang berbeza setiap kali saya muncul.

"Memandangkan ini usaha pertama saya untuk serius dalam bidang nyanyian, saya perlu tampil dengan imej tersendiri dan lagu-lagu yang bukan sahaja dapat memikat pendengar tapi juga memberi impak kepada industri.

"Lagu-lagu yang bakal diterbitkan untuk album pertama ini adalah kombinasi elemen pop dan beberapa genre muzik yang lain. Boleh dikatakan ala-ala muzik Natalie Imbruglia.

"Setakat ini, saya sudah siap rakam sebuah single bertajuk Hanya Tuhan Yang Tahu hasil nukilan bersama saya dan Cat Farish. Rakaman lagu ini hanya mengambil masa selama dua hari.

"Kami masih mengumpulkan lagu-lagu lain untuk album saya nanti. Manakala, lagu Hanya Tuhan Yang Tahu dijangka akan mula kedengaran di radio dalam masa terdekat ini," ceritanya lagi.

Mendengarkan saja judul lagu itu, Natasha lantas diusik adakah judul itu merupakan refleksi kepada kisah peribadinya yang berkocakan sebelum ini.

Sebelum menjawab, Natasha sempat ketawa dan mengakui, sebagai penulis lirik, kisah hitam dalam hidupnya sedikit sebanyak memberikan ilham kepadanya untuk menulis lagu itu.

Sebagai percubaan sulung bergelar penyanyi, dia perlu muncul dengan kelainan yang bukan sahaja tersendiri, malah yang penting mampu memberi impak positif kepada peminat dan industri hiburan tanah air.

"Apa yang penting pada saya adalah untuk tampil dengan imej dan konsep lagu yang berbeza dan unik.

"Saya tidak mahu kemunculan saya dalam industri seni suara ini sekadar melepaskan batuk di tangga. Kalau boleh, saya mahu beri impak dan teringin untuk menyertai pertandingan seperti Juara Lagu di masa akan datang," ujarnya.

Ditanya, adakah dia tidak akan aktif berlakon lagi selepas bergelar penyanyi, Natasha menegaskan, lakonan sudah sebati dengan jiwanya dan tidak mungkin dia akan meninggalkan bidang itu selagi diperlukan.

Sementelah, bidang itu turut memberi pendapatan yang besar kepadanya selama ini.

"Sebagai kemunculan semula saya ke dalam industri seni, saya akan terus berlakon dan menyanyi pada masa yang sama.

"Terus-terang saya katakan, kedua-dua cabang seni ini amat saya sukai," katanya.

Natasha turut mengakui pengalaman menyertai dua cabang seni membolehkannya berkawan dengan lebih ramai artis.

Jika sebelum ini, kelompok kawan hanya terbatas kepada pelakon sahaja, kini kawannya semakin bertambah melangkaui golongan penyanyi pula.

Mengulas serba ringkas jurnal kehidupannya di fasa pasca-penceraian, ibu kepada Nessa Helena, 1, berkata, dia kini bahagia dan gembira menjalani kehidupannya sebagai ibu tunggal.

Natasha merasakan dia kini dapat melakukan semula perkara-perkara yang pernah ditinggalkannya sebelum ini termasuklah menyanyi dan aktif berlakon semula.

So moving on - maybe these two parties want to come forward and talk this out with a public statement.

Whatever legal action, I have put forward mere facts available on the Internet, hence I see it as unnecessary that I am asked to remove the entry before this.

Hopefully the legal firm involved will contact me directly if they wish to concern themselves with a blogger's observation of the situation.

Right or wrong?

Korang ingat tak kes ni? It was highlighted by The Malay Mail. I did a story on it. Lagu Secebis Harapan nyanyian Nora... bore too many similarities to another song.

Lagu tu has too many uncanny resemblance to this song performed by Ishtar, titled Horchat Hai Caliptus.

So... pas kes tu tutup sikit masa lepas Anugerah Juara Lagu sikit masa dahulu, ingat da takde la yang kes-kes yang lagu sama akan timbul (walaopon memang ada yang rajin curi hooks sana sini, at least takde la full song persamaan agik kan)

Yerla... negara kita takde laws yang ketat bab nih. Enforcement agik jauh.

So nevermind lagu Secebis Harapan was contested in Anugerah Juara Lagu 2006 - and Horchat Hai Caliptus was in Ishtar's The Voice of Alabina released in 2000. Erm....

And then this happened.

Here's a song by Natasha Hudson - Hanya Tuhan Yang Tahu - which was CLAIMED that it was penned by Natasha herself.

Nice song isn't it... too bad the lyrics bosan sikit. But wait a minute... watch this. It's a song titled Right Or Wrong by Kim Chuah.

Miss Chuah claims this in her Youtube channel.


Merasalah ko!

This is not the first time we're hearing something like this involving Natasha. CLICK HERE to read about 'her poetry'.

Perhaps we should just listen to Miss Kim. Her Youtube channel has this description of her.

"Iam 20 Years old and i'm a singer songwriter and musician form West Yorkshire UK. I have been playing guitar since the age of 12, singing since the age of 3 and songwriting since the age of 9.
At the age of 12 i taught myself how to play guitar and drums and at the age of 12 I was already descovering how to really structure catchy songs. One of my first proper Pop/rock tunes was 'Right or Wrong' which you can watch in my uploaded videos.
I recorded my first ever demo in Malaysia of 'Right or Wrong' and now I have started using Logic pro to create my backing arrangements for my new material.
At the age of 14 I entered a local competition called 'Popstars' and was placed in the final 5, that same year I entered the 'Young Songwriter' Competition and came 3rd against 19 + year old songwriters."

So I wonder what Natasha will say now. And if anyone doubts what Kimberly Chuah has to say, this is a video of her performing an acoustic version of the song uploaded on Youtube on June 22 2008!

So sapa yang salah sekarang? Bak tajuk lagu 'milik' Natasha Hudson - Hanya Tuhan Yang Tahu! Though Youtube is helping us shed a little light on this.

Thanks to Max Lim from my Facebook fan page for the heads up on this. Can't wait to see how Natasha explains this one.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tahniah Sinar FM!

Congratulations to Sinar FM! Setelah naik perlahan-lahan, team Sinar dok teratas as radio station nombor satu! I like!

Era? Well, let's put it this way. Kalao fungsi iklan je manjang, as well as iklan agik bila main lagu dengan product sister company manjang, tak ke mana pon. Lambat laun orang bosan. So Hot FM jatuh terduduk dari pegang nombor satu jap pon, tetap Era continues to play bridesmaid.

Mana hilang zaman kegemilangan stesen radio yang penah cecah 7 juta pendengar?

Tu la akibatnya kalao asyik muzik kita ni diketepikan. Don't get me wrong, it's not about Indonesian songs. It's about the mentality of some and how they are partial to playing things they like (walaopon), and forgetting it's about moving ahead.

Instead of creating trends, mainkan lagu nan hado manjang, tu yang orang bosan.

Congrats to XFM sebab pendengar semakin ramai - they're the ones creating trends by playing music people WANT to hear and SHOULD be listening. Satu-satu nya stesen mainkan 100% muzik Malaysia! Yeah!

Hopefully rating Nielsen kali ni is a lesson. Management AMP tak reti lagik ke tukar orang yang sejak pegang Era ni entah ke mana stesen nih?

For full Nielsen ratings and summary - CLICK HERE

Thursday, May 13, 2010



Da lama tak demam, cam cipan!!! First day masa on the bus nak ke Penang aku da rasa my throat a little big gatal dah... scratchy sikit. Da risau da.. tu biasanya tanda aku nak kena selsema.

By the first night, sneezing da.

Second day jer da start. Merasalah mata berair, running nose and all.

Terus takde mood nak join kengkawan lain mandi mana kat pool dan laut! Nangis! Dikelilingi keindahan pantai tapi tak dapek nak join sebab badan rasa lemah semacam walaopon abih satu papan Panadol dan satu papan entah haper...

Balik smalam, pas unpack semua, gi klinik ditemani si Rudy.

Tuh dia. Dapat kelayakan dari and I believe Manchester kot.. Man. Tapi risau orang salah paham kelayakan dia...

Siap kena explain, ok yang Dr Guna ni LADY sebenarnya. Matilah...

Time demam ni mata tak henti pandang kiri kanan dalam segala kelebaman.

Tiba-tiba perasan ada satu agik kaunter. Specimen katanya. Nothing unusual. tapi apakah botol berisi cecair kuning itu???? Euwww!!!

Rupanya sample je. Tunjuk cara mengisi dan tutup botol and all. Seriously? That's just gross. I'm left wondering apa yang kuning dalam botol tu. Hope it really is air kuning je and not some real sample. That's be REALLY gross.

Not as gross as if you do this though. Motif???? Ni mesti ada penah kes orang muntah sampai berterabur bagai. Cis!

Moving on. Semalam masa unpacking tuh, sempat dalam ting tong aku dok layan Showdown 2010 kat 8tv. Honestly I think it's a lame rip-off of America's Best Dance Crew (ni mesti kes tanak bayar rights tapi pakai idea nak lebih kurang).

Most of the crews were lame, and that Koreak b-boy judge pon azab tak reti cakap English tapi asik ulang benda sama, tak kisah hazab or bagus.

Tapi aku seronok tengok ni je. Two awesome crews are in the show. So if you're watching the program, remember these two names.

Yup, first up is Floor Fever. Sapa tak kenal meka. They've backed ALL the biggest names in the businesss dari Datuk Siti Nurhaliza to Faizal Tahir to well... just anyone worth their time.

They are awesome, original and pack a punch.

I started working with Floor Fever masa memula amik meka tuk Nikki's Caramu music video. Since then I've been working closely with them on a lot of projects.

In fact, you've watched my KLCC flash mob before, then you'll recognize members of Floor Fever heading the mob. I'm working closely with them on groundbreaking projects to bring the street performing arts to the mainstream and I really respect their drive and talent.

So kalao korang nak see some real dancers in action, check out Floor Fever and vote for them.

The other crew is one whose members have also been part of our projects. Wakaka are awesome and younger and headed by So You Think You Can Dance's Alam.

Check out the Showdown 2010 page and watch the performances (fast forward to these two crews cause the others are pretty sucky) and you'll see what I mean.

Ok... time to rest. Be blogging more tomorrow.