Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Remember my entry pasal keta berhias tuh? Ala... keta yang ada bunga bunga plastik tuh la.

Well apparently, it's a trend! Tadik petang masa ujan along Jalan Tun Razak, I spotted this car in the traffic jam (sila click pic besarkan). Korang tengok kat belakang keta tuh kat dalam tuh ada apa.

Yes... bunga plastik! Cuma yang ni fern-like thingies and pink and white roses. Matilah!

Tak caya? Tak clear? Not enough? Tengok bahagian depan lak kat dashboard tuh. Amik ko!!!

So looks it's actually some crazy trend aku tak aware of. Oh well.. takpe la. Kalao it takes this to be cool - I will remain uncool willingly!

Anyway, malam tadi ada rehearsal. Pening gila! Horror pon ada sebab kelam kabut sikit. Dari aku maintain cool je, rasanya nak meletop baran bagai sebab ada je yang degil.

Won't say much, but yes, this is for my project this Saturday! In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, expect a flashmob like you've never seen before.

Won't say much... just a few pictures (and I mean a few sebab aku tanak reveal everything). But what I can say is that it's going to be BIGGER than our KLCC one (not as big as our Beyonce was supposed to be) but this is going to be the big. And very different incorporating three elements in one. And no, it's not some karaoke flashmob.

Oops... ada band Pesawat?

And my fantastic homies! Props to KLDC and crew semua.

And some more are involved. But hari ni first group rehearsal... so masih awal and aku serious tanak tunjuk apa kita nak wat. But am going to be busy the next three days as the deadline gets closer.

If you guys are going to be in the Golden Triangle this Saturday (cuti ma!), head on down sometime in the evening (will let you guys know closer on that day itself!) and join in the fun. It's going to be awesome!

Anyway.. jap.. nak tunjuk. Finally aku dapat gak apa aku hajatkan selama setahun da.

Amik ko! 2 TB! Count those terabytes!!! Yeay!!! Now my three external hard drives with a combined space of less than 1 TB leh kira pakai sebagai spare je. Yeay! And yeay again! So happy!

Eh.. lupa lak letih. Esok aku update ok. Gotta sleep! Tomorrow got interview nak finish up, nak recce location and then rehearsal again. More pening nak layan for sure. Hopefully tomorrow's goes on better.



external hard drive joe berapa harganya?