Saturday, April 17, 2010


After almost two weeks, it was time to make the decision. Nak tanak... I had to put by baby Jack to sleep untuk elakkan dia menderita.

Kidney failure and this and that nak tanak da tak sanggup tengok dia menderita. Semalam balik, dalam kol 4 pagik, tengok dia terlantar, pastu muntah pon darah... dia buang air besar pon keluar darah pekat itam... aduh.

So at about 11am, the vet came and injected him. It toook less than five seconds. Bleeding from the nose, Jack went to sleep.

Am so sad. Memang la setakat pet... so mesti ramai kata ting tong aku nak sedih bagai... but Jack was a special pet, more than any other I've had. Jack was rescued by SPCA. He was an abused dog which was given a second chance. And dia nih memang loving gila.

Another reason why he's special - CLICK HERE and read for yourselves.

I can't bring myself to type anything longer. So... rest in peace, my baby Jack. It was the hardest decision I've had to make in my life so far, and I hope you'll forgive me as I can't see you suffering like that.

By the way... that picture on top. It was from my blog, the day kak Min collapsed. That was my baby's sad face all day that day. Maybe he knew too who had saved him from the SPCA and abused home... maybe he knew she was going.

Dalam sedih... tetap kena gi keja. So nak tanak... bersiap la pon tuk bagi telinga berdarah kat Konsert Akademi Fantasia. Serious pasnih aku rasa aku memang malas nak cover da. This season is the shittiest ever (walaopon ada yang bagi alasan apa pon).

Baru gerak nak masuk highway, dapat first message on BBM.

Then baru make call pada Sam, PR tuk FMC jerk, confirmkan... bertalu-talu BBM, SMS and Twitter messages maklumkan pemergian pemergian Achik.

Aku call Nana, Siti Nordiana. Nana pon tengah mode shock gituh sebab dia last lepas perform ngan Achik tuk Gah 1 dalam 5 lebih petang, dia send Achik to his car yang park nun jauh masa tuh.

Tak sangka tu kali terakhir dia dapat jumpa Achik.

Aduh.. aku dengar pon sebak. Dah send story semua, sampai kat konsert, later... dapat lak pic Bernama on the accident. Oh my Lord... aduh!!!

To Abdillah Murad Md. Shari or as we know as Achik... rest in peace. We pray for you... and cry our loss over another talent in the industry.

For story on The Malay Mail - CLICK HERE.

Lom pe pe.. balik dari konsert, dikejutkan ada video lak circulating. Tengok pon rasa nak pengsan sebab terus it was really bad.

This video is owned by Pyan Bunjut. All copyright belongs to him.

I am shocked... I don't know what to say. People... be safe on the roads ok. Especially musim tetiba thunderstorm bagai. May God protect us and keep us all safe.

It's as if the end is near... so many talented people passing... so many good people leaving us...

Dare I mention Akademi Fantasia sucking big time?

Armageddon indeed... in mourning mode.



Al-Fatihah kpd arwah Achik. sedih sangat bila tau perkara ni semalam.

sorry about your dog, joe. sedih sangat bila tau condition nya mcm mana. tp ia bertuah dpt tuan yg baik.

aauuoowwhh..poor reminds me of my dog,popi..;(

I'm sorry to heard about Jack. Read about him at the time you adopted him, as suggested by aruah. Very sad. Tak sangka hidup Jack tak lama. But I bet he had the best times of his life with you....

Hang in there ok.

thanks guys, me ok.

and memang sedih pasal arwah achik as well... life is too short.

May Jack rest in peace in dog's heaven... i too have to make the same decision 3 years a go + it was very very very hard but poor Chooby (my wonderful cat) who was suffering from a bladder dis-functioning... i had to put him to sleep.. I cried 4 days + still crying every time i look at his picture.. people who don't understand losing a pet is a sad as losing a person that you love is HEARTLESS!! be brave joe.. jack is in a great place now..

al-fatehah untuk Achik Spin.. semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmatNya..

joe .. i know how hard it is to loss pet .. i kene last year .. and i cried like hell .. :(