Thursday, April 22, 2010


Remember that May first event I was telling you guys about?

Ok... time for more info.

Since we did this in KLCC in August of last year...

... a LOT of people have tried their hand, successfully or unsuccessfully, at bringing flash mobs into mainstream culture in Malaysia.

Yerlah... orang Malaysia semua pemalu. Sanggup ke nak menari ke haper di khalayak ramai. I have to give props to the organizers of KL Freeze for opening the doors to many of us, flash mob organizers - whether commercial or otherwise for even attempting it.

Trust me... it's not easy. Many try, but bomb out. I've seen some really bad ones online... still mad love to them for even trying. Keep it up, guys! Let's make it a culture of street performances - amateurs or pros.

The challenge of freezing is not so hard, but being the first was the gamble here... you had to have wondered would Malaysians take part.

Evolusi flash mob kat Malaysia, memang slow. This of course in large part due to how you CAN really get in trouble for being too random in large numbers.

Lagikpon, remember, in Malaysia, a gathering of THREE people or more immediately can be constituted an illegal gathering... so ouch! That apart from endless shit that can get you in trouble for doing something like this in public even though you're not harming, or hurting, or even mildly inconveniencing anyone.

After out first effort at tackling dance as a theme in the KLCC flash mob, thanks to Maxis for tying in with us on that - we have Hotlink to thank for our second huge attempt for the largest dance flash mob in Malaysia. Which was supposed to be at the Beyonce concert (yang kita semua tau was 'postponed' indefinitely).

At least we got to do the pre-party where about 50 of the 250 dancers listed, kicked it up at Zouk to give everyone a taste of the surprise we were going to give Beyonce.

So... in 2010, I am pleased to introduce you guys again.. to J Squared - we sell creativity! I know that sounds wrong (heh!) but as creative director, aku plan to incorporate any form of the arts (especially performing arts) into the medium of presentation.

So for May, get ready for a flash mob that is HUGE and a FIRST. We are combining... singers, percussionists and a live band into a multi-device flash mob... numbering in... well let's say it's bigger than even KLCC.

There have been attempts at singing flash mobs, but most have failed badly.

Like with dance, inspired more by dance company Bounce from Sweden who posts some really kick ass videos on their flash mob performances, we want to come up with events like this that will inspire everyone to just sing and dance.

So this time, we are focusing on the singing part.

Ramai ingat kita ni sell-out because we tie in with corporate entities, but I laugh at that. You know why?

Because I get the performers paid, we have fun, and with logistics and all taken care of with no risks to our personal selves who do it for fun, and with no expense to our daily commitments, it is nothing but a chance to perform.

We tie-in with those we believe and we do what we can to bring the best out.

So this May... watch out for something really big.

By the way.. was surfing Youtube. I found a job I was offered, which I was unwilling to negotiate. The Lotus F1 event, which was to have a 'flash mob'. We declined to do it for our own reasons, and I just caught this video. Erm.. not too flash mob-esque if you ask me. Oh well... I guess at least the 15 or so guys doing it can dance...

Apapon... expect to be surprised. All I'm saying is, first of May, if you're in the city - get ready to see how a real, live musical will take the streets.

Letih dowh merancang benda nih. Doakan segalanya berjalan dengan sempurna. Can't wait for it. Rehearsals have begun and it's going to be AMAZING!

Owh... and we have another discussion with some organizers. We may be breaking our own biggest dance flash mob record of KLCC soon. Tak sabar nak confirm... tengah doa segalanya berjalan dengan lancar.

Time to get creative! Here's one up for the realists who dare dream, and the dreamers who dare be real!



Good luck la Joe, hopefully semuanya lancar and success.

thanks TS. nanti aku upload video. it's gonna be big.

Good Luck Joe!!!!!...Oooh...sure happening ni...kalo kat kampoong2 lebih kurang macam joget lambak larh...hehheee

Tak membawa kepada permasalahan SOSIAL ke ni nanti Joe? Risau saya. Masalah pergaulan bebas, arak, sampah, budaya leka?

Ada implikasi negatif tak nanti Joe sayang? Risau saya dengan fiil anak muda sekarang nih? Risau nih.

Risau Joe. Takut ada yang leka, tak sempat balik tengok diari AF, eh silap, takut ada yang tak sempat sembahyang maghrib.

Nyah,... mak nak tanya, sudah kah dikaji sedalam-dalamnya aktiviti sebegini daripada pelbagai segi? Dari segi politik, ekonomi dan sosial? Nyah, adakah lebih banyak positif daripada negatifnya kepada pembangunan negara dalam usaha memperkasakan jatidiri rakyatnya nyah?

woww! flashmobs!! i'm very100x impressed bila tengok vid black eyed peas i gotta feeling flash mob dlm show oprah tu.....

flashmob in Malaysia! cool~ keep it up~!!

p/s: nk tengok dah rakyat malaysia wat flashmobs...

pada anonymous bodoh tu kenapa masih melangut kat blog joe kalau tak suka.nak perjuankan AF sampah?sah kru?