Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Insomnia no more

My day has was REALLY packed today.

Spent whole day with the guys from Project Alpha 2. The media launch was in the morning at Cineleisure and caught up with the other six bloggers (well five actually.. minus one.. selain dari aku) yang terlibat in this season.

In case you don't know who they are, they're Niki, KY, Ninie, Shaolin Tiger, Azwan Ali and Cheesie (yang takde cause heard she's in Japan). And completing the seven deadly sins... I mean the seven bloggers involved.. who else lah... me, myself and I... aku, aku dan aku lah!

With Niki, Azwan and Ninie
That's us too!
Rasa nak curi bawak balik je bunting ni!
After the launch, Ninie, Xiaxue and I headed to P1 office at Greenpacket in PJ. Alamak...depan je opis lama aku. Got a tour of the place (awesome.. they obviously took inspiration from Google's excellent offices), met the staff (friendly gila) and also tired ourselves out there. The two ladies especially kept me company... seronok layan kerenah dedua... Ninie with her endless yoga poses yang very the mencabar as well as Xiaxue (first time meeting her.. and also hubby Mike) who kinda clicked with me (she thought I was and I quote "flamboyant").

Camwhoring with Wendy aka Xiaxue on the rooftop garden of the P1 office
Then headed back to Cineleisure for the blogger's launch. And then for a movie (thanks to Nuffnang) I think we all had low expectations for the movie, Kick Ass, but WOW... were we wrong. Damn good popcorn movie.

Was out by 10.30am and only arrived home at midnight. Ridiculous. Need sleep. Esok ada banyak keja... morning for Atilia's video shoot, and three meetings (one at lunch, one in the evening and one at night... nangis

PS - Thanks to the folks at Adidas Action 3. Hope the plans go as planned for the coming weeks *wink*

PPS - A very special thanks to the LOVELY folk at P1 who hooked me up with the Mac driver for the P1 W1GGY! Yeay! I'm one of the first people with it on Mac cause it just came out of the beta testing phase. Those of you using Mac, you can now turn to P1 W1GGY now! Oh and by the way... tested their 20mbps line. GILA SIOT!!!!! Movie dalam 800mb leh abih dalam masa lima minit gituh! NAK!!!!

PS - Poyo tak sapa tengok Diari hari ni.. si Maulana. Arituh da wat statement feeling "we're the best AF ever had".. skang feeling tak penting lak pengkritik nya pendapat asalkan "peminat berjuta-juta suka." Hado?!



best sgt dpt jupe blogger yg featured project alpha...

Si Maulana ni suara OK tapi LIKEABILITY...ehmmmm..Tok puntak berapa la.

huh! Si Maulana nih, sama je karektor ngan Aizat, Aireel AF7, dan Reza. Agaknya sifat konfident diorang nih lah yang akan menjadi pemacu kesurvivan mereka.

maulana?? seyes aku tak cam muka beliau yg mana satu. hahahahha ...

takde gambar P1 office ke joe? suka office google tu

relyza : ada ke masa launch?
TokSky : tu la pasal!
Anonymous : tapi sampaikah dia cam meka nih?
rumput : aku nak cakap tapi kang ada yang kata aku kutuk rupa lak wat dosa je aku.
edzlin : dia kira mini version. ada gym, game room, cafe, banyak la facilities dia. for a new company very nice! dpt ambil gambar dengan kamu malam tu..semuga dapat jumpa lagi..

alamak... segan la camni kak ina. eheheheh