Monday, April 26, 2010

Boo ya!

Music industry education day.

The population of Ireland is roughly 6.2 million.

The population of Sweden is is estimated at 9.3 million people.

Er... that's more geography, you would say.

Bear with me.

The population of Malaysia is about 29 million.

What does this have to do about our music industry?

Senang je. Irish and Swedish pop scenes have managed to repeatedly gain successes in the music scene all over the world.

Meanwhile, back home, orang kita masih menggunakan alasan, mungkin kita ketandusan bakat baru... most of the time when people mention the Indonesian music scene and their rich talent, we hear the excuse it's because they have a population of almost 228 million.

So if other countries with barely a third, or a quarter of our population can produce so many successes, isn't it time that we admit, perhaps it's not so much about the numbers?

Maybe we ARE lacking talent. Blame the music education system (or the fact there isn't one... stakat belajar recorder time sekolah rendah... that's not music education). Music education isn't for the rich and elite only (which most of the time, kalao takde duit, mampu ke nak belajar?)

Maybe it's because of the infrastructure of our industry itself. We welcome crap so easily that the good stuff and real talent sink to the bottom.

Who knows... at the end of the day, aku yakin kita ada bakat-bakat yang leh dijual pada dunia.

If only people stop being lazy and thinking of merely about putting out run of the mill crap demi nak menjual album without thinking of a balance between credibility and commercial appeal.



aku setuju dgn entry ni. xde duit mana nak hantar ke kelas piano...

Agree! Start them young. Love for music should be nutured during childhood!


another thing is the common perception about choosing music as the career; tak boleh cari makan! ala2 Kasim Selamat gitu..

and sorry to say this;kadang2 perangai masyarakat kita ni sendiri yang suka dengki mendengki; bila ada yang nak try breaking into the foreign market mula la accuse nak jadi 'mat salleh celup la' 'kat negara sendiri pun tak laku,ade hati nak pi negara orang la'. bukan nak support local scene, asyik nak kutuk manjang. so sad..

latest; mizz nina collaboration with colby o'donis; lagu tu best je pada aku. tapi still ade jugak org kita yang mengutuk kata mizz nina tu caucasian wannabe!!!

masalahnya sistem pendidikan kebangsaan kita pandang music sebelah mata je. dah score A tuk subjek music pun sek tak appreciate. sedih.

dengan adanya Akademi Fantasi kita juga berupaya melahirkan bintang seperti bintang AF7

Nasib baik tak sebut AF8 yang lahirkan stok ala KRU.

It's all about perception.. most parents only qualify doctor, engineer, lawyer and teacher as a valid career.. some may be born talented, but never got the chance.. so we end up having future artist who either their parents are an artist themselves or the parents who wanted to be an artist but didn't make it.. we have a lot of good singers though only because they know they have the talent because of karaoke-ing.. but most with no music or composing talent and knowledge at all..