Sunday, March 07, 2010


After a slow boring weekend which was HOT, syukur la hari ni not so bad.

First of all, the nice, cloudy - almost gray day was welcome relief and secondly sebab after getting enough rest, belah malam gi Hard Rock Cafe nak layan Dayang and Marcell performing live.

Dah lama, sejak zaman Planet Hollywood takde showcase yang camni, in this kind of environment (I'm not a fan of No Black Tie - but I love Malam Nada Biru which just had its second show).

So seronok lak ada showcase camni. Dayang and Marcell were AWESOME. Sapa ada kat show tuh will testify to that. Kalao ikut show camnih biasa at the end of 45 minutes mesti ada break or intermission - for the performer to recover as well as not to have the audiences bored.

Dayang and Marcell kept passing the baton, first opening together, then each taking turns going solo with the occasional duet thrown in. I like!!! They went on about two hours! Gila!!!

Aku tak bawak camera, so pakai Blackberry je la jawab nya. Korang troll about blog bebudak lain mesti ada pics show. Me, aku shoot dari seat aku je, which was next to the performer's table.

Dayang and Rima Melati, Marcell's beautiful wife
Marcell and wifey
Aku ada la amik snippet video sana sini. Kang aku upload. Meanwhile, nak make this entry really short sebab esok nak kuar awal pagi to take my mom for her check-up. Could be quite a serious situation... so we'll see. But for now takde mood nak update sangat.

Here's to a crazy week! Esok malam lak ada Umie punya berinai. Pagi patutnya nak join Star World punya event meka host for the Oscars (a breakfast with the Oscars thing they do every year), but since taking my mom out so have to pass on that.

Eh ok la.. kata tanak go on... tak stop agik. Ciao bella!

PS - Why do people try so hard to come across as intellectuals when they're so full of crap and reveal their one track mind?