Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Ok today ni nak quick entry jerk.

For fans of Dayang Nurfaizah, and also Marcell - jangan lupa both of them will have the Sayang showcase this weekend.. or actually on Sunday night, 7hb Mac at 11 pm at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Admission is RM80 which includes one soft drink, and please remember, you MUST be 21 years old and above for this show.

Booking or further enquiries at 03-27155555.

Tuh je tuk ari ni. Heh... stakat ala ala iklan jerk. At least aku bokan letak tok promote nak jual per per... anggap je la community service message.

PS - Dayang and Marcell are so gonna rock it!



Haaa. ni iklan plak, from Alibi Music / Metamobile.

Di showcase nanti akan ada jualan CD Eksklusif Dayang & Marcell.

Dalam CD ni ada:
1. Single Dayang & Marcell - Sayang
2. Muzik Video Sayang - belum ditayangkan di mana-mana lagi. Arahan Ghaz Abu Bakar (The Media Hustler) Sangat-sangat eksklusif ok..

Harga: RM10 jer..

Maceh joe.. ahahaha

sya see you there ok!

paan tuk ko no hal la kalao nak promo!