Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Placebo live!

Any fans of Placebo here? The show was earlier tonight. I missed it because despite REALLY wanting to go, I decided tanak la... sebab nak berehat. I need to get my health back, and since on medication too, I thought it would hardly be wise to go out.

Feeling old! Anyway, here are pics of Placebo during their arrival a few days ago, as well as pics from the show just now. These pics are from the organizers, so I hope no fucktards out there watermarks these pics and claims it as theirs.

Use the pics freely in your blogs/forum or sites, but in NO way should these images be altered or watermarked! That would be simply unethical and stealing someone's intellectual property - hence use it as is ok.

And a couple more of pics to share. Got an email with posters for filem-filem akan datang bawah Tayangan Unggul.

Erm... I have hopes in Misteri Jalan Lama. Atoi The Ajaib Boy ni risau sikit bila tengok poster dia. A little cliched. But we'll see...



i didn't go. ahahahaha.. so nothing to be jealous about. i missed it too. and kicking myself about it. cause i didn't feel well. so REALLY nothing to be jealous about. AHAHAHAHA