Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok I promised to tell you guys more about what happened at The Biggest Loser Asia finale, so here it is.

The 'live' telecast of the final you guys watched? Total bullshit. It was taped in the afternoon. I have no idea what was the rationale in it being advertised as being live.

Now let me tell you what happened.

Invites put the event to begin at 9.30am. Now I can understand usual delays, but taping only began at 11.30am!!! Nutsacks and two angry camels in a tiny car!!!!

Apa ni... walaopon kita ni waktu Malaysia memang tambah masa sikit konsep injury time takkan sampai camni? Kurang ajar betul! Takpe... sabar separuh dari iman... kata ko! Walaopon...

Anyway, that was still fine.

So recording began. And that was when I felt like unleashing the fury of hell (or at least an empty stomach) on the people responsible.

The two-hour slot programme (which was in actual time I suppose just over an hour and a half which began taping at 11.30am ended ONLY at 3pm!!! Two camels in a tiny car be humpin' your momma!


Three and a half FUCKING hours???

Bodoh ke apa meka ni?

The so-called professional regional folks behind the show, screwed up production BIG TIME!

It was bad, real bad and I have never seen anything as badly put together like this in over 13 years of journalism being to some of the biggest shows around. Even our local TV programs which are really broadcast live are handled better than this. I've been to Indonesian TV stations too and they do things WAY more professional than this!

To Hallmark - if you're going to do another edition of The Biggest Loser Asia, sack the REAL LOSERS in the production twats who fucked up big time and couldn't even deliver a TV show recording and took double the time needed!

I mean really.... from the opening, it was already screwed up! The audio from the steady cam Sarimah was working with couldn't sync or something. That wasted a good 20 minutes. And that was just at the very beginning of the taping.

Then there was the power trip where the VT that was being shown was rudely interrupted (I think the only power trip was the ever-yakking director who was incompetent at best!), the introduction of the eliminated former cast members that had some stupid glitch resulting in more delays and even during the final weigh-in when the software (or some idiot manning it) caused more hold-ups when Carlo's result came out in blue (he's team red - and that fuck-up took more than 15 minutes to settle).

I know production problems are inevitable - but this was imply RIDICULOUS! If there had been a proper technical run-through, I'm sure most of these problems would not have surfaced. Which means somebody's stupidity and lack of planning resulted in this fiasco.

So I had my ass parked in Finas from 9.30am to 3pm (I left the moment the winner was announced, and didn't bother to stay for the damn media conference which began later).

This is not the fucking Oscars, and no journalist sits through more than 6 to 7 hours for just a damn TV show taping. HONESTLY! Surrounded by nincompoops who had no clue what they were doing.

And need I mention how arrogant some of the production members were?

Ada minah salleh sorang ni... kerek nak mampos! During the power trip which took another 20 minutes or so to settle, she was overheard saying to a helpless production crew member, "Why are these people coming out! You should stop them!".

Hey lady, you think we're fucking cattle or something?

Stupid, arrogant people behind the production. Who didn't even have the brain cells to work out that the venue was so wrong for the event.

I mean, you had so many people who were really not at their ideal bodyweight, huffing and puffing away up really steep stairs, trying to get a place to sit (hard, studio bleachers are not very comfortable if you have to sit direct for three and a half hours especially when some power trip Caucasian female is giving you the evils or making comments likening you to cattle who should stay put and be patient with her team's stupidity!).

All in that - that FUCKED UP my experience that was supposed to be inspirational.

And dare I mention watching the contestants?

For the first half hour, I was seriously impressed and inspired by the stories and transformation of some of the contestants. Tony from Thailand, Hafiz from Singapore and Gary from Thailand too, I believe were inspiring for losing so much weight on their own, despite being booted out of the show. Honestly they were barely recognizable.

The rest did well too, even Kevin from Philippines who brought the tears on for his slightly.. well.. much but could be healthier appearance.

And some of that feeling of being inspired remain to watch finalists Martha Lai from Hong Kong and our own home boy Aaron Mokhtar from Kuala Lumpur come out, looking amazing.

Then Carlo, from the Philippines, the crowd favourite came out. I was amazed at how much he lost and respected that he not only lost weight, but he toned up well, showing that he was not only cutting down weight and losing the bodyfat but also working on toning himself up (which is difficult and many of contestants had tell tale signs of speedy weight loss over a short period of time with the saggy skin and all).

Then David Gurnani from Indonesia who was my favourite came out.

And that's when I stopped being inspired.

The King who has been consistent in his efforts and performance throughout the show was nothing more than walking bones clothed in skin! In fact, he looked like he was on the verge of collapse and it was obvious he WASN'T healthy as he took too much effort to even make the slightest movement.

He may have lost an accumulated 83kg from his 157kg to become the first Biggest Loser Asia, shedding more than 53% of his body fat - in two months extreme eight to ten hour workouts daily.

He may have walked (if you can call it that) with US$100,000 (RM350, 000) and a car but he did NOT inspire me. In fact he scared the fucking bejeebers out of me. He looked skeletal and anorexic and just... so wrong!

Is this what The Biggest Loser Asia is trying to put across? People who starve themselves for the sake of money?

I know the original programme may not have been perfect too, but they didn't go skin and bones to win.

I thought the spirit of the programme was to inspire people to be fit and healthy - and this was just, so effing wrong!

Are you inspired by The Biggest Loser Asia?

Not me. I want to reach my ideal body weight and body fat count too like a lot of people, but this is just so... two angry camels in a tiny car!!!!


Watch the finale (if you haven't... it's less painful as unlike me you didn't have to sit through a total of 5 1/2 hours of stupidity on display). You'll understand what I mean.

To the contestants, I hope you guys keep working it out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the sake of health and not money or a car.

To the finalists, Aaron and Martha - you guys inspire me.

To Carlo - you are amazing and doing it the right way with amazing results.

To David, you need to stop looking like a body double for Skeletor and get back to being healthy and not the poster boy for anorexia nervosa. I believed in you doing it the right way. Not when you began trying to look like a bad attempt at Kate Moss's waif-heroin chic look. For your sake... get healthy and eat now that you have the USD$100,000.

To Sarimah - great job!

To Hallmark - get a new production crew as the idiots you hired are just INCOMPETENT!

And to the production and PR team - you guys are the biggest losers in Asia I know.

PS - To viewers, next time they tell you something is 'live' chances are some idiots were sitting in a studio for almost three times the actual length of the programme fuming at the stupidity of some incompetents.



even we at home were made to wait...the supposedly 9pm show started at 10.15 due to 'technical problems'. Live konon.

agree, david look sick.

simply because they made it known that the tape was supposed to be sent to astro by 2pm, but taping only finished just after 3pm. wonderful live event don't you think? LOL!

wow. he lost a lot of weight. gudluck to you guys. I've seen the show and you guys work hard, congrats too.. ;-)

so sad carlo kalah. harap sgt dia menang mlm td.
david mmg cam org baru kuar hospital. nmpk sgt tak sihat cam dipaksa utk kurus not the healthy way.

David looks terrible, now just too underweight. The show has lost the plot.

the last episod before final david still nmpk tembam & bdn pn x kurus sgt cam kt gmbr tu... why ah? i dont understand? how in just 1 week bole jd kurus begitu drastik skali? masa i tgk tu carlo lbh kurus & fit compare to him... hmmm must be something wrong... makan pil ke or what so ever???

agree..david look too skinny for me...not inspired anymore..

Like Aaron & Martha..their body shape look amazing..and they turn to look younger then before and of course martha look so beutiful..

carlo?umm..not really like him..huhuhuh..go AAron.. Aaron the Warrior..

Hurmm..just thinking if i could enter the competition...waaahhhh...

is it me or the finale shown in teevee seems to be meleret2? and yes.. king david does look like an anaroxic.. scaryyy..

Cudn't agree more with u. They made me wait and made me slept late, and woke up late too..

I think David is not the king anymore...he looked sick... totally over exercised or maybe starved himself out. I freaked out the moment he came out last night.

I attended the filming as well and it was bar none, one of the most shambolic productions I've ever bared witness to. The entire thing was a complete disaster from the get go!

Hmmm, where to begin?....

Late start, poor organisation, technical faults, incompetent or inexperienced crew, cheap looking set, arrogant staff. Even parts of the script sounded a bit off.

What finally reached television screens looked amateur at best. Very dull, dodgy sound, poor editing, strange choice of camera shots (lots of crowd shots, weird angles) I understand that the team were very pushed for time as they needed to submit the tapes a.s.a.p, but they really should have had things prepared way in advance. I mean, how hard would it have been to have done a camera/sound sync with Sarimah an hour before filming was supposed to start? how hard would it have been to check color levels? oh, and somebody should have checked the canvases that the contestants had to burst through, poor Martha almost fell over!

I've worked/attended television productions before and this has to be bar none, one of the most poorly put together pieces I've ever seen....that includes productions I took part in at University.

On a side note, Hallmark should thanks their lucky stars that they decided to film the finale before hand, imagine the disaster it would have been if the sound, cameras, power-cuts etc happened while on air.

I agree Aaron and Marta were great - Even Kevin, Hafiz, Tony, Garry, Rashmi all looked good.
I thought even Carlo looked like he had overdone it just a wee bit -his face was a bit haggard, but David shocked me - it was scary to see him - his looks were totally gone - he was my favourite and then this was an anticlimax - even his smile was gone, his swagger - everything - very very sad he better start eating now

I'm glad so many of you agree with me. I couldn't bring myself to see David despite supporting him and believing he would win.

I just hope he gets healthy for real.

As for the competition, seriously, there are enough influences that pressure younger generations like the stick think models we see everyday. We don't need a TV program that had become part of pop culture that tells us looking sickly thin is good for you.

Yuck~ kurus gila.. nmpak mcm org sakit je.. kalau train mcm tu biarlah nmpak muscle sket.. i mean ada bentuk badan lah kan.. ni cengkung mcm sial jek

yeah he looks like a drug addict!! i seriously thot he deserved to win before becuz he was consistent n all.. but after seeing the results, i dun think he shud.. carlo looked healthier cuz he didn't just shed weight but gained muscle as well...

as for the show itself, it was horrible.. the glitches were easily noticed.. n 3 whole hrs? no wonder the audience wasn't lively.. i was watching n saying "wei tepuk la" =b

p/s: how to download bebuzz? i'm using gemini, cm susah jer huhuh my hp sux ke?

yeah he looks like a drug addict!! i seriously thot he deserved to win before becuz he was consistent n all.. but after seeing the results, i dun think he shud.. carlo looked healthier cuz he didn't just shed weight but gained muscle as well...

as for the show itself, it was horrible.. the glitches were easily noticed.. n 3 whole hrs? no wonder the audience wasn't lively.. i was watching n saying "wei tepuk la" =b

p/s: how to download bebuzz? i'm using gemini, cm susah jer huhuh my hp sux ke?

eh bukan live ek? aduh =.=
bosan . majlis tak grand langsung .HAHA . org buat aa penimbang yg dah t'singkir . um, asal kne berlatih just sebulan lebih je ? buat aa cam mat saleh uh 3 bulan balek uma bru timbang . :D

Hallmark menipu aaaa,,, live konon...

the glitches ketara sangat kat tv...
pity sarimah..trying to cover all those...

King David..?? overdoing it la... considering his height bukan dia dah underweight ka tue...

ramainya kena tipu dengan 'live' hallmark. HAHAHAHAAH

you suck! you're such a whiny bitch.

and you're in denial. LOL? agency? production? so obvious. face the fact - you SUCKED!