Monday, March 08, 2010

Girls night out?

Kalau baca title entry... cam betul je, girls night out.

Actually it was Umie's berinai event sebelum dia menikah kat Mekah on 14 Mac. She invited friends, media and of course also family members for the simple event.

Aku claustrophobic sikit ramai orang yang turned up, but it was a feelgood event. Plus on top of that, rumah dia kat I-Zen tuh memang selera - like a duplex penthouse (yang berdepan my Mont Kiara home). Cantik some basic makeover da bermula kat umah tuh.
Tak sempat snappy banyak pics sebab seriously had some stuff on my mind, plus rengsa la sikit mood aku.

But sib baik kengkawan ramai, so enjoyable. I think most of the time was spent kat the humongous balcony (which could have been two massive room combined) enjoying the view of Mont Kiara and Hartamas, while puffing away.

The bride to be
The BFF - Erra
Aku pemalas lak nak snappy banyak pics lately. Entah kenapa. Takde mood nak update sangat. Still, in keeping with my resolution from, what was it... two or three years ago? Aku update gak tetiap hari walaopon kekadang concept ala lagging gituh kan, lembab je nak kuar, delayed.

Ni pon nak end entry yang pendek ni. Nanti-nanti je ok angin better, aku update lebih panjang.

PS - Extremely happy The Hurt Locker swept at the Oscars!!!! Wish Up In The Air had won something as it was one of the best movies in contention, and that Precious could have taken more (but I love Monique's performance and glad she won). Not that I'm against Avatar or anything - but I think it won the categories it deserved, which was mostly technical.

Just disappointed over Best Actor though. Jeremy Renner should have won for The Hurt Locker (one of my few favourite actors of all time) or George Clooney for Up In The Air. But I guess the Academy still remains predictable over choices sometimes. Oh well... at least Sandra Bullock won.