Saturday, March 06, 2010

BB apps

Ari ni malas sangat sebab panas ya amat, so keja main godek apps for Blackberry je. Ni aku nak kongsi applications you MUST have on the Blackberry 9700/Bold 2/Onyx.

This will hopefully help some people, especially those I know to make their Blackberrys more useful (aku kenal some ada Blackberry berketul dan da pakai lama tapi hampeh tau how to use it)

Ni my personal list of apps I have been trying and which I think is absolutely the best to have on your phone without just wasting space in your memory for having it. Kalao korang nak, online je ngan your BB and click the download links for direct access and download to your phone.

Sapa pakai BB yang masih pakai bebola tuh, pepandai la godek sendiri. My recommended site is Blackberry Seeker. They have the best listings of apps, themes and games there.

Hope you guys have fun downloading these and that your Blackberry becomes a one-stop comm centre after this.

Here's my list of MUST HAVES on the Blackberry (specifically the Onyx). From your phone, just click the links for download for immediate OTA download and install.

Blackberry Messenger 5.0 (CLICK HERE FOR INFO AND DOWNLOAD)
Do I even need to elaborate why you need this? Unless you are not subscribing to BBM (and what a waste if you aren't... what's the point of having a BB then?), this application is like du-uh - WAJIB! There are other hybrid messengers out there integrating other applications with the Blackberry Messenger, but I like my BBM to be stand alone. For integrated messengers, search Pairingo, WhatsApp or IMplus.

Don't forget to add Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger or even Skype for Blackberry if you have those accounts if like me you prefer those stand-alone apps.

For those who tweet, this is a must have. There are many apps out there for Twitter on Blackberry, but I find Ubertwitter the best after having testing out a few. Not perfect, but enough to satisfy tweeting on the go. Also enables Tweetphoto, so linking a pic to a tweet has never been easier. From your gallery, terus send ke Ubertwitter with whatever caption. Takes just seconds (unless your line is crappy)

Ok, so you can get on Facebook online, but this app makes it so much easier if you're only doing the basic functions. Condensed version of Facebook. Again, like BBM, there are a lot of integrated apps out there which combines Facebook with other social media... but I wanted specifically for Facebook.

Also out there are apps for Myspace.

While there are apps out there which use the LED light as a torch, Flashon is my personal favourtie (and almost a secret because no one I know has this app - yet... for now.. lepas ni tatau la).

Instead of just the sodih punya LED, it turns on the blinding flash for the Blackberry Onyx into a torchlight. Good for those moments in the dark. Yes, your phone has multiple uses.

This free version of BeBuzz rocks! You know that blinking red LED that lights up everytime you get a call/missed call/message?

Change the colour NOW! To every colour possible. It basically allows you to use that function. Tak caya, tengok buktinya in the video below. Abaikan kejinjangan Onyx aku with the disco function. Heh... trust me... it's a display of the colours available.

Aku pasang disco light for the call-in function. And set white for missed call. But customize it how you wish.

This is a miracle app. If you misplace your phone, even if it's on silent, you can now find it with this app. Likewise kalao kena kebas (tapi harapan tetap tipis la nak recover).

What it does is link to your emails associated with your Blackberry. All you have to do if you can't find your phone, is send an email to the address associated with your phone and it will go crazy.

The full version siap ada GPS nak detect your phone but the free is enough I think, especially kekadang letak phone entah mana terlupa.

I use to have something like this on my Nokia. This works like a charm. Though I don't know why this is missing a whitelist, but the blacklist itself is good. Basically it can block out private numbers, numbers not in your contacts or all calls if you wish or just any idiots harassing you.

Amik ko.

PS - Pada kengkawan, I know how this app works, so jangan pepandai nak block aku lak. Matilah ko!

So that's among the apps I can share. Do you have a favourite? If you do, share it with me! Nanti aku kongsikan ada app lain dalam phone aku. Banyak sangat...



Hi Joe dah lama tak singgah. I pun pakai BB Onyx and yes, most of the apps I dah ada. Nak tambah lagi: stand alone app - seswai for student like me ni ha. Bila lecturer nak maksud perkataan yang out of nowhere kan.

Interlecta Translator - pun utk students yang belajar bahasa ketiga. Cool!

Tu jer nak share. BBM rocks!!!

cool wan! thanks. dictionary i tried but didn't fancy it, but interlecta aku cuba.

anyone with anything else to recommend?

these apps leyh gune for gemini (curve 8520) x?

one app dat i use mostly is viigo.. usually check football scores n read news (tmz, perez etc) hehehe

amethyst : tengok compatibility. dunno whether leh tak. go to those links.