Thursday, March 11, 2010


After all the negativity I've gone through, with the really stupid bulimic and anorexic aspirations in The Biggest Loser Asia and the almost clueless Akademi Fantasia 8, mai aku start the morning a bit more interesting.

Any Jeremy Renner fans in the house (hell yeah!) And Pink fans in the house? Hell yeah.

So you're talking about one of my favourite actors EVER and one of my favourite singers EVER (I still remember meeting her... brings a smile to my face). Combine that? And put in a then unknown group called... Pussycat Dolls, and I have the perfect song to start my morning with.

This was the first single I believe off Pink's Try This album, called Trouble. My theme song for the day. Feeling inspired to go out and rip it up! Yeah! Nothing like starting the morning with a song like this (Play this loud! It's inspiring!), while watching Jeremy (yes, he's the sheriff), the Dolls and Pink herself in the video. Lotsa fun.

Got some things to sort out today... no time to idle about.

I may continue my Oscar movie marathon again. Yesterday night rewatched Up In The Air, Up, The Hurt Locker and The Blind Side (which I never got to finish). May go through a few more Oscar nominated movies (most of which I haven't watched yet especially the foreign language ones). What? Avatar... Lord give me strength to sit through that one again. Enjoyable but... erm... it's an experience once. But I'll pass.

Will blog later... meanwhile... sing along.. I'm trouble!!! I'm trouble y'all!!!

PS - Heard The Biggest Loser Asia and Akademi Fantasia host, Sarimah Ibrahim and Marion Caunter are favourites from Malaysia for the spot to host for E News Asia. Hope the producers look closely at both of them as they are (especially Sarimah) really talented!



please E news choose Sarimah please! hehe.. seriously .. she is the best!! and she never fails to make Malaysian proud.. d'oh she got everything .. not just pretty look .. and the best thing is she has the sens of humour which I think most of the pretty ladies dont have it .. and she speaks both language pretty good!! Her english and malay!! ..No offense .. but thats what I think .. hehe .. Good luck, Sarimah!! .. but if she in E-News whos gonna be in AF8 .. AF wont be the same without kak mah! hehe

i think it would be better for E and sarimah. AF pales in comparison.