Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I am rarely inspired by performances onstage these days. Sebab tak banyak yang bring a difference to what has already been done.

And while I know it's a little late to blog about the Grammys, I have to say, the show this year was awesome - to have several performances that were so amazing, it reminded me why I love being in the entertainment business.

On top of that, it gave me ideas to do some things that will incorporate what I've seen.

That for me is most important. Bila tengok kreativiti orang lain, dan dari tuh, be inspired to bring it to the next level.

I have to say, the much awaited performances from Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John was ho-hum. Bosan bukan sebab apa. The choice of the mash-up was nice, and the performance from both was good, but I guess the novelty of Gaga's shock value has worn off for me. You expect her to be crazy, and she delivers, and maybe that's the problem. It's not surprising anymore. And not even a combination of Poker Face, Speechless and Your Song could make me interested.

And Beyonce? Another performance I looked forward to which disappointed. She looked like she tried so hard, and it was ok - but what the hell was with the mash-up of You Oughta Know with If I Was A Boy? It just was so contrived.

But surprisingly wow was Green Day, together with the cast of American Idiot which will debut on Broadway on 21 Guns. Like WOW! MAJOR WOW!

Kalao sini anugerah leh bagik sakit hati sebab backing vocals sumbang sampai mencacatkan persembahan actual act (sora sombang nak mampos berapa ekor yang wat keja BV ketika Anugerah Juara Lagu contoh terdekat), this was like berapa puluh blending so well.

If you haven't watched the performance, here it is. Do watch it. Like I said - this is a WOW!

But as amazing as that was, nothing could beat the best act of the night - and definitely one of Grammys greatest moments in the history of the show!

Performing Glitter In The Air - Pink has made this song one of my fave tunes of the moment. Siap standing ovation!

Tell me that wasn't awesome! I got the HD version downloaded (er... ) simply to watch it over and over and over again!

It was not only different, but jaw-dropping, mind-blowingly.. AWMIGAWD!!!!!!!!

Hebat gila.

I don't want to say much except watch the video. 360 degrees, upside down.. it didn't matter, her vocals maintained throughout dazzling the audience. Repeating the video over and over again... pasni ke Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian ke Anugerah Juara Lagu (nak kata Anugerah Era da bungkus lak), I will expect SOOOOOOOOO much more.

The bar has been raised higher. I would never have thought what Pink did was possible. No safety harness, amazing performance, great vocals and totally unexpected performance to a beautiful song.

It didn't matter who hit the stage after that.

Except for David Foster leading Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli who did Bride Over Troubled Water. Emotional performance of the night.

I love you Mary! One of the most soulful artistes alive. And Andrea - one of the few performes I pray to be able to see perform live.

Disappointed also in the Black Eyed Peas show. It was fun, but seen that dah sebelom ni. Same show like when they performed here. Nothing extra. Thought they would have attempted to bring it on for the Grammys.

For the other performances here's what I thought. Lady Antebellum (yawn - country music has never been same since Garth Brooks retired), Jamie Foxx (fun!), The Zac Brown Band and Leon Russell (interesting collaboration), Taylor Swift (puke! And I'm, not even trying to be Kanye here).

The Michael Jackson tribute was contrived. Usher and Smokey Robinson were horrible and Celine Dion and Jennifer Hudson were the only ones worth listening to. Carrie Underwood was erm.. there too but never bothered to take notice of her as she was drowned out by the real divas. I thought the Grammys would make a better effort - and the 3D was not worth it cause we couldn't partake in it. It was just lucky they had Prince and Paris came on behalf of Michael.

Bon Jovi - legends but so past tense. Hard rockin'.

Dave Matthews Band (was never a fan of their stuff - ni pasni ada member bunuh aku cakap camtuh) was one of the better performances one of the night. Maxwell was enjoyable too.

Jeff Beck? Not my cup of tea.

Drake? Eminem and Lil Wayne with Travis? Hip hop sucks today. What the fuck is that wigga still around for?
Saja nak wat entry share the videos. Mode malas. Spent time with friends, including Stacy gi tengok Fame again. This time with no expectations (sebab da tengok) and focused on the choreography je.

Getting more ideas. Love being inspired.

Ok.. nak out!



was wondering when you were going to comment on the Grammy Awards..for me, half way through, i dah bosan..macam the event had run out of steam...plus tak de performances to really look forward to pun..
a) Beyonce...looked like she was trying too hard to impress..really now, what was the point of the 'brigade' that she brought with her? And tolong, why did she have to butcher Alanis' song?? Did she want to show everyone that she could sing everything?
b) Green Day - yup, very entertaining. Something different to what they've always done, so that was refreshing. And wasn't it nice to have backing vocals yang tak pakai jubah, nyanyi koir macam ada org mati?
c) Pink - just WOW! I think she's done it before...kalau tak salah, kat Europe punya Music Awards (not last year's awards, maybe 2 years back)..and masa MTV Music Awards pun she did something similar (circus like performance)..cuma this time she didn't have any harness, right..and I loved the water sprinkling down on the audience when she spinned on air...hahahaha, padan muka rambut-rambut yg kena setting and baju mahal-mahal semua. And vocally, come on, she's the best la. I love how suara dia mmg naturally sedap didengar, and not dibuat-buat (sorry Ning Baizura)
d) Taylor Swift - worst performance of the night!! Did you see Stevie Nixx's (betul ke spelling ni?) expression during the duet. She looked humiliated to have to sing with an amature (who sings off-key too!). Seriously, album of the year to someone who can't even sing live?? Come on now..diorang ni pekak ke? Her songs are all so juvenile..cotton-candy pop/country music with lyrics only teen-agers (or tweens) would appreciate, and that's the best album? Pathetic...where's Kanye when you need him?

Panjang lak comments..heh

but true. i think it was almost stupid of gramys to lead up the shows as such. opening with gaga nak puaskan hati orang sebab tau meka tak bagi dia menang. and then green day came our roaring - beyonce had to top it all, plus show up gaga. that's why she tried her ass off to impress but it just looked like she was trying too hard.

pink was amazing. no one could spin like that - perform live, and not lose her vocal bearing.