Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two camels in a tiny car!

Headed to the office today, just to check some things out. Still in a festive mood, but didn't want to be let out of the loop, so saja jenguk tengok ada apa-apa tak.

There was like a massive storm just after I arrived, and when it was over, gi minum jap ngan bebudak.

Owh... looks like it was pretty bad. No trees uprooting though. just random potted plants badly places going smack into someone's car. Ouch!

Anyway - topic of the day.

My Kris Allen story came out in the papers dah, tapi online, apparently my story has been noticed by a lot of people. It was the most viewed story on The Malay Mail's website (CLICK HERE to read)

But there were a lot of trolls commenting... or more like flaming. Heh.. apparently the story which was second in Google news bits on Kris Allen if you search, was also picked up by various Idol related forums, and most importantly on the official Kris Allen website too!

Strange however some fans saw it NEGATIVE!!! Sheesh. All I can say is - two camels in a tiny car! (thank you Ray William Johnson for the ultimate comeback)

Still, it was fun to see the reactions.

Apapon, lantak ler... aku happy with it, and proud to be an IMPARTIAL fan of Kris Allen.

Spent the night chilling with lots of friends. Suka sangat. Planning tuk get together kami nak anjurkan Jumaat ni for J Squared's kenduri kesyukuran. Baru masuk lapan bulan operasi syarikat aku kongsi ni, dan setelah mendapat pengalaman wat projek tuh nih, we have much to be thankful for. Also skali raih ngan kawan sorang ni yang baru bukak own outfit dia gak... syukur... networking together we have three or four companies helping each other out.

Going to be busy esok sebab nak bawak orang tua beli barang sikit, and then later in the night nak buat persiapan for the doa selamat cum kenduri kesyukuran we pulling together.

So expect a few totally entertainment-unrelated posts in the next day or two. Besides.. nothing much happening pon sebab everyone masih mood nak beraya. Ahad ni lak ada erm... important round two of something I will not mention. Heh...

PS - If you guys have been watching the latest season of American Idol, one of my favourites is in. Didi Benami for Idol!

PPS - While it hasn't been announced, one of my favourites (and I'm sure one of a lot of people's too since he did his version of Paula Abdul's Straight Up on the guitar), Andrew Garcia is rumoured to be in. Yeay! Hope he makes it all the way as he is one of the more talented guys.

PPS - And Lee DeWyze too! Yeay. Sad for JB Ahfua that despite the second year running he's made it to the Hollywood round the judges still haven't given him a chance. Oh well...



andy garcia was picked over the 'bubbly' high school kid. i agree with the judges choice on andy, but the high school kid was more deserving than some other top 12 guys that got in. *sigh*

i think thaddeus was a little unprepared. not saying some guys didn't deserve in the top 24. i only like andrew and lee dewyze. rest of the guys are so blah.