Thursday, February 04, 2010


Just woke up for no reason. Entah kenapa. So came online saja nak surfing.

Was looking at some of the Grammy fashions. More misses than hits. Mostly horrendous frocks. Buruk gila! Even Jennifer Lopez hazab nak mampos baju dia.

Tapi kan, dari bebanyak baju yang aku rasa hazab, yang ni bila baca pasal baju nih, I changed my mind.

It may not be the hottest number in fashion - but it's creative, unique - media savvy - and ONLINE!

Cue, Imogen Heap and her Twitdress.

Bwfoew you say the dress is fugly - red about it first.

Apparently, to keep in touch with her fans online during the Grammys, she designed this weird dress.

And it has the most in vogue elements in it. Twitter.

Baju dia tuh - with the oversized neck piece of what looks like a metal grille apparently was actually a digital sign displaying messages that her fans were sending on Twitter with mentions to her profile.

The jewellery was some sort of LED contraption which flashed the messages.

She was actually reported saying, "I just thought it’d be nice for them to come with me so I’ve got a live Twitter feed from them."

And how did she get online?

It's in the bag. Her Fendi clutch bag contained an iPhone sewn in displaying pictures people sent with their Tweets, while channeling the messages to the neckpiece.

But no, the umbrella doesn't have anything to do with better coverage.

So while Lady Gaga tried her level best to appear nuts as usual and outdo her own weirdness, Imogen, the British singer songwriter outdid her, simply because I think her functional fashion was interesting.

Dubbed the queen of social media, the winner of Best Engineered Album, Non-Classica for her album Ellipse - Imogen has 1.5 million followers on Twitter, her songs have been played more than 44 million times on MySpace, fans were invited to contribute designs for her album artwork on Flickr and as she was working on the award-winning album, she informed her public about its progress through dozens of video blog posts.

And here - artis kita dah takut nak cakap apa pon kat Twitter because ada pihak-pihak yang nak take advantage by stalking for paid entertainment purposes.

Erm... jauh beza sangat...



i bet the Fashion Police team didn't know that when they named her as a nominee for 'Worst Dressed', Imogen, how technically-savvy!

kan. besides it wasn't the worst. i think nadea's prostitute outfit was the worst. and j.lo.