Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Masih mode beraya so takde benda sangat nak update. Hari ni hari paling environmentally friendly gituh. Dok umah je - kira green la sebab tak burn fuel, tak wat pe langsung tuk cemarkan alam sekitar. Boleh?

Parked my ass at home je, makan, tengok movie, tidur, jaga, makan, sambung movie separuh jalan.. tidur... and loop the process a few more times in 24 hours.

Cuma belah malam keluar ngan kengkawan.

And oh, been going app (not going ape) with my Onyx. A lot of funky ass applications I've been adding on. Nevermind memory aku cuma 2GB. Aku nak upgrade da pon anyway... Cuma sentap sebab sini MicroSD card up to 16GB, tu pun susah nak carik (and price tetap RM200 or so tak silap aku). Been waiting for friend abroad yang aku pesan tuk 32GB punya... murah agik - plus I read Onyx leh handle easily. So waiting for that.

Having the Onyx rocks for sure, and ramai member skang getting on the Blackberry da so yeay for that (tapi kaum bukan stakat pakai trackball ye - matilah!)

Owh yeah... remember, if you guys have Twitter, follow me at @klubbkiddkl ok - cause I joined Four Square dah. It's basically everytime I go anywhere, I 'check in' and occasionally leave notes about the place. So if you're heading anywhere I been, you can get to follow what my thoughts on that place are. Interesting.. and kalao korang da ada account, add me up there - my user name is also klubbkiddkl there.

Go to the site and find out more about it there. If you are on iPhone or Blackberry - this is just something fun you have to be part of.

Ok la.. nak sambung godek Onyx ni. Beberapa hari ni asik modify tuh ni kat phone je.

PS - Sapa mintak PIN aku, aku bukan tak kisah bagi... but please make sure we do know each other in real life before you do, ok? Hugs... and happy continuing celebrating for those of you yang tak perlu masuk keja da esok.



right now me have the standard ubertwitter, YM, MSN, Facebook installed for basic. Got Four Square in (should join! like a real life game), and a BB torch utility (which makes you phone like a torch lighting up - basic). tried some others but no impressed and removed. want stuff that's worth it, so still experimenting.

tweeked thetemplate to an awesome layout that gives me 17 shortcuts *yeah!*

still working the onyx, so hopefully i puas within the next couple of days.