Thursday, February 11, 2010

Magika and the secret of Avatar

Tadik gi preview for filem Magika, the star studded musical from KRU Studios.

Pas finished my errands and all (and sempat wat shopping - Dolce & Gabbana be thy name), popped by Cineleisure to check out the much hyped movie.

And the verdict?

Honestly, it's going to be hard since a lot of comparisons will made against Alice In Wonderland, which is coming out in 3D and will have Johnny Depp.

Magika, not very imaginatively named, has Mawi.

Erm... but kena puji because of several reasons. So sebelom sesi carotan, mai aku bagi pujian dulu what I liked about the film which I think will help sell it.

Obviously first thing is the whole line-up of big names involved. Mawi, Ziana Zain, Ning Baizura, Sharifah Amani, Sharifah Aleya, Vanida Imran, Nabil, Diana Danielle, Adibah Noor, Aznil Nawawi, Datuk Jalaludin Hassan, Marsha Milan Londoh... so many. Pening nak namakan sorang-sorang.

Tarikan Magika gak will be because of the local references. Vee jadik Mahsuri, Marsha jadik Puteri Santubong, Mawi as Badang... you get the idea. So it's our own Alice In Wonderland where many of the characters are popular names in our own local folklore.

And Edry in the director's chair, aku kena puji.

After the horror of Cicakman 2 : Planet Hitam (bosan), Jin Nott (muntah darah)... aku tak tengok My Spy so takleh komen - it's nice to see finally that Kru are back on track with Magika.

It's wholesome family entertainment, and quite enjoyable.

Now the bad parts. The script walaopon holds promise wasn't executed to its full potential. The songs were mostly forgettable (I only seriously loved M. Nasir sebagai Naga Tasik Cini) and the lyrics were patchy, repetitive and tangkap muat.

Camera angles were dodgy and acting overall was not up to par.

And I know this is going to sound silly, but as much as I like Diana Danielle, she needed to wax her upper lip in the movie. Da berkumis da... to the point in the romantic scene with Mawi, aku rasa cam tengok Brokeback Mountain da.

Tapi kan, having said that, I would actually recommend people to watch Magika sebab it's worth the RM10 or so you're going to pay to watch.

No regrets, pasti.

Especially kalao ko nak bak anak ke anak buah ke anak sedara. Pacing of the film tak macam Jin Notti yang you wonder when the hell it's going to end.

Final verdict - Magika, a good watch and one of those few movies yang cater to a lot of people. It's not quite musical contoh, but it is a very good start for me to come up with more along the genre.

Kudos to KRU for it (susah aku nak cakap nih.. dan mesti ada yang tak caya)

Anyway... ni some pics from tadik of some of the cast members yang sempat aku snap. Susah nak amik banyak pic sebab asik dok borak ngan Vee, Shidi, Nani and Gavin (oops! - borak ngan Nani usik Gavin je adalah).

So for those of you who want to get a feel of what the movie is like, here's the trailer.

Now enjoy the pics...

Nani and Gavin - so sweet (matilah Nani carot aku pasnih!)
Marsha - sexxxxaaaaaaaay!
Vee and Shidi - the coolest couple I know
Pak Nil - happy and bubbly as always
Ning flashing those pearly whites
Kak Vee pon nak camwhore ngan Mawi - heh!
On his own - tak nampak Ekin in sight
Kesian Ziana - tangan luka dua belah (and peha as well as perot sikit) sebab kena air panas masa bancuh air bagi minum pagi anak-anak katanya...
Divaaaaaaa!!!! Me love Adibah Noor!
Nak banyakkan pics lagik but malas. Anyway... the title of this entry mentions the secret of Avatar. You wanna know what it is?

Here's what I saw in Cineleisure. Some of you who have gone there may have seen this....

But did you take a closer look?

Matilah!!!!!!! Upskirting gituh! Gelak cam babun jap. Aduh... lawak bodoh. Had an informal meeting after it was all over, which ended VERY late. Ni baru sampai umah nih.

Nampaknya for 2010, ramai kawan da bukak company sendiri. Semua dapat gabung networking. I like! Nak pose Adam dan Stacy la... bergabungggggg malaaatopppppppp!!!!

Eh nak tido la... berat da mata.



nak try tengok dulu le cerita ni..

I did saw and took some pictures of the statues.. but the upskirt???? uuu...

ahahaha... tu namanya takde keja. patung pon nak upskirt. ahahahah