Monday, February 01, 2010

Live in Kuala Lumpur

Just a quickie entry sebab hari mode malas nak pepanjang.

Ok fine so we know Kris Allen will be in Kuala Lumpur next week. Even though details are not confirmed yet - TENTATIVELY I heard that it will be held at the Gardens, Mid Valley. Organizers ar scrambling for confirmation that's why aku tanak bagitau so fast without any confirmation.

But I will update you guys the moment I get word, as a few people have been messaging me for more detailed info.

And yes, I am a fan of Kris Allen and I'm still hoping for an interview with him.

And no, guys, I cannot confirm the rumour that Adam Lambert will be coming to Kuala Lumpur soon too. But will let you guys know if I get word.

Anyway, it's a good start to 2010 with Ne-Yo having just performed here (walaopon hanya Ne-Yo) as well as Boys Like Girls (another walaopon case).

And here's two more concerts coming up soon.

Babyface I MUST go to - even though I know some of you out there are just too young for him (well, if you're in your early 20s and below and don't listen to much music anyway). Sadly though, apparently he is not granting any interviews so boo on that.

Julio Iglesias I wouldn't mind cause I do love some of his tunes even though tak minat sangat.

Heard more concerts are lined up for 2010. Will let you guys know after I get more concrete information. Looks like it will be an amazing year - though I wouldn't count on Beyonce making it here. Especially after the Grammy sweep. I'll bet some people are looking PRETTY STUPID now for making noise over one of the most prolific singer songwriters of our time coming here, but allow some really stupid acts to make it here.

Ok la.. nak keluar jap agik supper ngan Aril, Akim and Stacy. Be back with more tomorrow. Hopefully confirmation of Kris's event.



thanx 4 d update joe...
i'm still waiting 4 kris allen....:-)

~ida zahidah~...

babyface????? waaaaaaaaaaaa...!! FINALLY! can;t wait for the kris allen updates.. tq joe! :D