Monday, February 08, 2010

Kris Allen!

Ok just chilling at Starbucks kat Gardens in MidValley. Tadik sampai ngan sumpah seranah seribu sebab traffic walaopon clear, nak parking nak 20 minit (elak Zon A lain kali!) - lom start.. seb baik.

Banyak pics aku snap masa press conference, but I won't upload them now. Too many to share. Will post them in the next entry

So anyway after several questions for the press conference, we all got our passes and waited about for our interviews.

And when it was our turn, had about 20 minutes (or lesser) with Kris. Adorable! He really is a super sweet guy.

And when we were done, mintak camwhore sat. Amik ko! First pic blur, second pic buruk! Sentap!

Went for dinner pastuh. After we were done, went through MidValley menangis cause a HUGE crowd was gathered for the meet and greet with Kris.

Only the first 200 were supposed to get a chance to meet Kris, but apparently people had been in line from as early as 10am onwards. Damn! And the meet and greet was scheduled at 6pm!!! Rajin gila bebudak nih!

Check out the crowd.

After that ended, there was a stampede as he was led out to a waiting vehicle. Padahal dok sebelah je kat Gardens. Merasalah!

Anyway.. dropped by Starbucks for a coffee and had really evil look from some fans. Then I noticed that I had this on.

Oops! Forgot Kris had autographed my tag!

Heh.. showoff! Nak wat camna. Da ada...

Just about to go in for the showcase. Will update pics from the press conference later from my camera. These pics were taken and emailed from my Blackberry, so expect better pics after this.

And also of the show of course.

Until then... for those of you at the ballroom see you in a while and let's party on.

By the way... anyone seen The Star today?

Monday February 8, 2010

Creating awareness on cervical cancer

THE National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM), supported by GlaxoSmithKline Pharma-ceutical (GSK) launched Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC) campaign in July last year, aimed at educating and creating awareness about cervical cancer.

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 500,000 women globally will be diagnosed with cervical cancer and 280,000 will die from it each year.

Here you go: Choong presenting the mock cheque to medical director of NCSM Dr Saunthari Somasundaram.

Therefore, the POCC campaign aims to highlight these escalating incidences of cervical cancer and to urge women to protect themselves against the disease.

Five popular bloggers have come forward to join NCSM and GSK to support the campaign. They are Serena C (, Niki Cheong (, Joyce (, Joe Lee ( and Yvonne Foong (

These “Digital Ambassadors” will educate and create awareness on cervical cancer and encourage their readers to participate in the Cervical Cancer Risk Questionnaire on the website,

Serena, Niki, Joyce, Joe and Yvonne were formally introduced during a POCC Pink Mobile appreciation event held at Twentyone Kitchen+Bar, one of the POCC campaign’s official partners. Other official partners include Pureology, Redken, and Stage Cosmetics.

The campaign had an initial target of 10,000 people to complete the Cervical Cancer Risk Questionnaire. NCSM surpassed the target and at the end December 2009, 14,526 people took the Cervical Cancer Risk Questionnaire. GSK presented RM14,526 to NCSM at the appreciation event.

Bloggers against cervical cancer: (from left) Cheong, Serena C, Wong and Lee at the event.

“Owing to the overwhelming response to the POCC Pink Mobile, we will continue to engage the public in 2010 by going nationwide, making stops in Ipoh, Penang, Malacca and Johor,” said GSK Pharmaceutical Malaysia Vaccines Business unit director Choong Kit Son.

“For 2010, we will continue to support NCSM with the RM1 donation for each Cervical Cancer Risk Questionnaire taken.

“We urge everyone in this room to help us spread the risks on cervical cancer and encourage your family members and friends to learn more about the disease at or,” added Choong.



You got to meet Kris personally?? I'm so jealous.

motif? jels laa.. huhuhu

jeles ngan otogap itiew
jeles ngan snappy2 wit keris ittiew
xper, nnt ai simpan duit g US *tetibe, lol~

can't wait for more updates, thanks for the pics and updates dear :D

Wow! You look like a giant next to Kris. LOL!

I got some video footage of the autograph session -

Look forward for more pic from you! :)

i am NOT a giant!! uwaaa!!! kris was standing beside me, from the wrong angle where i was more in front. arghh!!! ahahahahah

tetiba tertarik kat cincin kat jari ko tu joe..huhu