Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Especially for fans for Kris Allen

It's not often I get an artiste that I will go ga-ga about, and honestly I am rarely starstruck by. And being in the line of work where it is my job to interview celebs, seriously... I am not awestruck most times and it really is a job.

Check out the list of people I've interviewed in the About Me section on my sidebar and you'll see I've met more than a few in my years working as an entertainment journalist.

I think the only people I felt like fainting were Jewel, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Ricky Martin and Slipknot. And the Black Eyed Peas too.

REAL people who have an abundance of talent in the sound of their choice.

And now I add one more name to that list. Kris Allen.

Semalam ketika interview he was so laid back. And plus, despite some people who had gone in before told me he was monosyllabic in his answers, especially when it had anything to do with Adam Lambert - it the furthest thing from the truth.

In fact, most times benda camni mesti kena salah anggap bila orang malas nak cakap pasal something they've talked about thousands of times.

But one question I asked about Adam - he responded funnily (saving it for the article I'm writing).

I hope at the end of the day, he goes the way of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, and not Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino (what a waste!), Taylor Hicks (another big waste), Jordin Sparks and even David Cook who seems to be losing momentum.

Got home so tired, I crashed into bed terus. Memang tak larat dah nak update ke haper. But hope you guys like these pics. These were from the press conference at the beginning of it all. And dig that picture of Adrian from Sony Music presenting Kris - with a keris. Heh! Rich!

For friends abroad, the 'keris' is a dagger in this region, which has a wavy blade.

Anyhoo, enjoy the pics, guys. And for those of you in Singapore, enjoy what we did next up cause Kris is heading your way! Except you have to pay S$99 for it.

Before I forget, thanks to friends from Fox/Star World in Shamel especially and Nini for being such gracious hosts, and also the lovely people from Sony Music Malaysia for their hospitality. You guys rock.

Ok.. now here are some pics from the showcase. I have to say, Kris has improved a lot since Idol where he seems so much more confident and able on stage.

My favourite performance of the night was Come Together which was his final encore number.

Also the mash-up of Heartless and Gangsta's Paradise at the start, though I have to say that was rather an odd choice though.

Note that I didn't want to squish myself among some Ah Lians who just looked blur at what Kris was singing (so obvious got passes from someone who knew someone). I was nearer to the back of the VIP area near the REAL fans who basically caused permanent damage to my ear drums.

But I did move forward to try and get a few good pics with my dinky digital camera.

For those who follow me on Twitter, you would have gotten quite a few updates throughout the night, also with pics - so remember for those of you who haven't, follow me on Twitter at @klubbkiddkl.

Ah... despite the dramas for the day, Kris gave a good end to the stupid episodes which made me want to bitch slap someone yesterday.

Since I got enough sleep, am in a happy mood today.

Got press conference for Akademi Fantasia hari ni where they will announce hos, pengetua dan tenaga pengajar.

Aku bakal dikejutkan ke?

Bab tenaga pengajar tak penting sangat la sebab too random, but bab hos aku da pon before this katakan - Sarimah Ibrahim and Jimmy Shanley will team up. As for pengetua, Norman KRU. So ada ke kejutan tuk aku malam ni when they announce?

I doubt.

Ok... now to do some work before I run some errands and do some shopping (before the malls get choked up for the pre-Chinese New Year last minute rush).

Have a good day all!

Live like we're dying!



awesome pics. i pinjam satu ya. Thank you :D

Nessa @So Pweety!

i envy you!
im such a big fan of kris. and carrie too!
i agree sangat when u said kelly, carrie n kris are the 3 most successful idol. taylor hicks la paling entah ape2..hahaaha..
cant wait for the latest season to hit the hollywood round. must be exciting!

i'm rooting for this guy who made it hollywood round last season, and again this season. JB Ahfua. hope he gets in the show.

ahahaha.. sibuk ko colby. aku sibuk mengendeng ngan Kris nak amik pics. but aku ada agik.. tunggu ek.

when will you be writing your article? I am curious how Kris' friendship with adam is going.

it will be coming out in the malay mail tomorrow (thursday)

Hi I just read this post. I was there at Kris' showcase and I must say my friends (those holding the "I'm a little punk stealing your ~ghey" signboard, although I wasn't anywhere near them during the showcase) were disappointed that we the real fans were stopped by the barricades. Even more disappointing? To see those in the VIP area mostly were standing and just swaying even when Kris' band was doing that guitar orgy. Helloooo guys, guitar orgy. Have some energy and jump up and down a little!

I sincerely hope Kris didn't think that was the kind of fans he has in Malaysia.

Anyway, I've got an album of the showcase on Photobucket if you'd like to see :)


- hasanah

i might've been one of those high pitched screams behind you. SO TOALLY AGREE about the ah lian shit bleh. :/