Friday, February 26, 2010

Bunny sex

Just back home. Hari ni pala cam nak pecah. Tak cukup tidur pas insiden semalam. Still thinking about Koi's passing. Dude was younger than me, so you can imagine how it rattles me.

Plus on top of that, sebab baru jumpa dia beberapa jam sebelom he passed on... cam terasa how seseorang can just disappear in the blink of an eye. Life is that fragile.

Noya mendatang sikit, tapi aku put it at the back of my head. Bukan apa... I'll get really morbid if I dwell on it, cam when kak Min passed on.

So anyway, sempat ler abihkan semua interview pasal kes wajib siar. Erm... apa sebenarnya pihak kementerian nak wat sebenarnya masih misteri walaopon konon nak kuatkuasa Mac 1 kang. Seriously... someone needs to structure whatever plans they have before announcing it, and tagging a very close deadline to it.

Had three dinner invites. Couldn't make any of it because semua dah lah dekat, 7pm, 7.30pm and 8.30pm. So cancelled the 8.30pm punya.

Left with two. Finished everything and on the road by almost 9pm.

Had to forego the POCC dinner (sorry beautiful people) because I knew I couldn't make it to Curve in time with the mad traffic and all.

So opted for Bangsar at the Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant for the Astro Chinese New Year makan-makan sebab tau mesti start lambat.

Tulis invite 7pm. Sampai about 9.15pm baru abih first course, which was the yee sang (rugi.. but takpe.. da lambat..) Tuh la namanya Malaysian timing. Heh... sometimes it so works in your favour.

Met some friends. Had fun gak sebab banyak benda dalam pala, leh campak tepi sat. Ni a pic of me camwhoring with Jess just to show her how my Onyx stacks up to her antiquated Blackberry. Heh... silap lak pic ni blur! Argh! Gerak!

The food was ok... but of the dishes, the dessert must be the cute one. Amik ko mini dumplings ni cut and shaped like little bunnies. Make me feel almost evil to be chomping on them. Poor Thumper!

And thanks to the twisted mind of some of my friends (perlu ke aku sebut nama nih?), this is what happens when they get their hands on it. Kids... don't ask your parents why the bunnies are in this position.

Just google the word 'fornication' and look up its meaning.

So dinner was fine. And the company was nice. And it didn't hurt they had huge ass lucky draws. Didn't bother sebab my luck for draws usually sucky anyway.

But this one memang by table number ada and by individual pon ada. Sebab aku mai lambat takde la individual draw punya. But our table got a juicer each. Erm.. that makes what... three at home? Harus la aku carik kengkawan yang nak juicer gituh. But a friend passed on a mixer she had too, so punggah kedua ni balik tadik.

Spent time with some friends in Pelita.

And then tired, so headed back. Feeling restless. And a little weird.

Death... yeap... screws me up each time. Wondering how I'll go when it's my turn.

Just hope I will be remembered like some of my dear friends who have passed on are. The real value of a person can only be felt when they're gone. So I'll never know... but I hope those near and dear to me will always remember me for who I really am.

Ok la.. merapu da. Dah la time tima camni... selamat malam dunia...



joe,take a good care of urself..extremely busy equals to murderously need gud rest (tul ke english)...

bro..chill k
everybody is gonna die someday
just try to live ur life healthily, joyfully, and perhaps some extra bonus (more life span) will be granted to u.

just enjoy ur day, try to make everybody happy and enjoy the littlest things happen around u

me always trying to see the bright side of life (ala lagu monty python). kn aku da kata aku mesti get morbid nya..

ohhh u notti notti kid who made the humping bunnies! ahaaahhaaha i took a picture of it too on heat :P btw im getting the bold 9700 simply bcos it has flash :P :P