Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blue Tone?

Have you ever seen an ATM machine that swears?

Ok... so it's not entirely true and I made that up. Suka ati aku lah! Tanak gelak bukan salah aku.

Anyway smalam gi Malam Nada Biru with Najwa and Yuna.

What can I say... memang besh gila!!!! So many know Najwa from lagu dia featured on ngan Malique and Yuna from Dan Sebenarnya... but seriously, dua orang artis baru ni ARE THE FUTURE, people!

They are the future of the local music industry for their talent, for their originality and for their sheer passion for the music.

Sambil ada artis sendu dan nan hado yang harapkan kuota dan wajib siar tuk jual lagu, atau kalangan yang feeling artis nak harapkan jual lagu walaopon hazab - there are those like Najwa and Yuna who make me believe that masa depan muzik Malaysia masih ada.

I'm not going to review - but Najwa was mind-blowing! I mean it. Not syok sendiri at all like I expected from someone as soulful as her. In fact it was appealing, so much so ada kengkawan yang tak reti feel bluesy jazz and all pon terpegun by the time Najwa was done.

Also heard a lot of her songs in the 45 minute set - and it was all fantastic.

Then there was Yuna. Dan Sebenarnya is seriously overrated. Bukan sebab aku tak suka lagu tuh - but because if you listen to stuff from her album, it doesn't even come close to what this girl is about.

It was all in all a five star performance from both of them.

Najwa comel jerk
Yuna - rileks jer as always
The woman behind the show - my girl, Atilia
Congratulations to Atilia and Mujik Productions and Bsync Productions for the amazing show they put together. Simple presentation - but AMAZING in talent.

Sapa tak sempat gi Malam Nada Biru bersama Najwa dan Yuna, tomorrow night is another show. And possibly one of the last you get to see Najwa really rock it out on a full set like this.

Yuna dengar akan gi America for two months pas kena risik kat sana, and Najwa akan habiskan sikit agik study dia sebelom release her single (tak sabar cause her song is like WOW!) - though she will be opening for Babyface next week.

Tomorrow's show is at 9pm at tickets are priced at RM100 and RM85. Trust me - they are SO worth it!

Just go and get your tickets from The Actors Studio at Lot 10. Just take the lift and go level 8 on the rooftop. For more info, you can call 03-2142 2009 or 2143 2009.

Pas abih, zoomed to Pelita lepak one session for about an hour plus.

Suasana indah di Kuala Lumpur waktu malam - matilah ni yang aku nak snap!
Finished kat Pelita, rush balik Klang jumpa bebudak yang dulu satu sekolah rendah ngan aku lepak ngan meka. Berejam... kang je post entry panjang lebar bila leh.

To all my Chinese friends out there - happy celebrating the 15th and final day of the Chinese New Year festivities. It's Chap Goh Meh!!! Last day to gamble (aku tak judi pon dua minggu ni raya nih)

Have a good Sunday, guys!



Hi joe... May i ask something.. Y must pemandangan indah kl di waktu mlm dgn gambar 'gucci' ??? Hahaha (denise)

entah... pemandahan yang memang indah. HAAHAHAHAH.. sesuatuh sangat kan...