Monday, February 22, 2010


In case you can't tell from the picture, I am VERY busy in the office. I mean.. was VERY busy in the office today.

No... seriously...

This was one of the few moments to kick up my Guccis and relax sikit. Matilah... and contemplate getting my third pair.

Aiyo.. no.. no... no...

Working out schedule for the next few days. Assignments coming back in, so you star gazers yang nak tengok gambar artis je kat sini, tunggu la sehari dua nih everything come back to normal eh.

Meanwhile.. excuse me.. time to check out the cruise collection catalog. Matilah...



Denise says: ur workplace ke joe?? Mcm 2 ade kt table.. I like dat black doll.. Hehe.. Dh shopping kasut br jgn lupe post kt ur blog ye ... Hahaha

aahahaha.. obviously you missed the entry showing my desk at my old office. shoes posted already.