Friday, January 08, 2010

Today I am ashamed to be Malaysian

I never ever wanted to say this. But yes, today, I am ashamed of being a Malaysian.

Today I am afraid to be a Malaysian.

Today - for me, there is no reason for me to take pride in anything that claims me a Malaysian. It is Malaysia's darkest day since that infamous day almost 41 years ago.

For in the country I love - there lives, racists, bigots, fascists... and all of them have started crawling out of the woodwork by those who fan the fire of hate and incite others to proceed with drastic actions that desecrate the sanctity of the house of worship for other religions.

Here are some news articles you guys should read! These made me say what I said above!

See what the world says about us? The world knows about this shameful act. Hateful! 1Malaysia? What is that in the face of this? Keranamu Malaysia... because of what?

Remember this happened over the protest over the location of a Hindu temple in Shah Alam?

I wonder. Are these shameless people locked away with the key thrown away?

Now a church has been firebombed! Ahead of a planned protest rally after the Friday prayers.

And our beloved Prime Minister only went on record saying he can't stop the protests.

Another minister says he hopes the protests won't affect people going to the museum.

Seriously.... like really???

After this?

Pictures from AFP

Bring the culprits to justice. Invoke the ISA the government so loves - but for the right reason why it was there in the first place that they always justify with! And TAKE ACTION against those who fan the flames of hatred - including the STUPID MOTHERFUCKING NEWSPAPERS WHO PLAYED UP THIS ISSUE AND SENSATIONALIZED IT!

Negaraku Malaysia indeed! Tanah tumpahnya darahku... strangely seems to have another meaning now...

UPDATE at 12pm - The Assumption church in Petaling Jaya was also firebombed at 4am - but the attempt failed, along with another church in Petaling Jaya. WHAT THE FUCK???!!!



haha tu semua sandiwara je tu..apa yang kita lihat bukan apa yang kita fikirkan..kita semua boneka yang dikawal oleh 'tangan-tangan' yang ada agenda pikirla sendiri

and burning a church is? pakai lutut tol la.