Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Siti's LV

Sebab teramat rajin (sebenarnya teruja ngan Siti's LV handbag), here's more info for sesapa yang minat (dan mampu) to get the same.

First of all here's the specifications (macam computer ke keta je nak spec spec nih).

The bag Siti has is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Calliope handbag. It's made of brocade silk textile and 34 pieces of different exotic skins which are dyed by hand.

It's decorated with silk and metallic threads infused with bracing pink and crowned by its resin pearl chain. It measures 10.2" x 6.3" x 2.9" (merasalahs siap measurement). The locks and studs are signature decorative and the interior is satin lines.

The price? Websites say prices in Europe say the bag costs £7,300 (RM39,254) while American sites claim it about USD$12,880 (RM43,051). It's a limited edition item which was part of LV's Fall Winter collection 2009-2010.

And here's the bag. Click on images to enlarge.

Since Siti picked it out for Datuk K to get - I say she has VERY good taste in bags. Very unique piece from LV's collection.



34 different pieces of exotic skin?? my only hope is that LV isn't a contributor to the on-going horrendous treatment of animals around the world..as in, skinning exotic animals alive for their skin, bludgeoning them to death, etc.

oops.. this part of the conversation i excuse myself. all go for animal rights - but me love looking at pieces like this. does it count that i can't afford to buy them? LOL!

no rule against appreciating expensive stuff, whether or not you can afford it (i nak diri sebelah salesperson kat LV store tu pun segan, with their suit and all) :)

Agree with the both of ya. The bag is truly exquisite and sophisticated...but mahal giler and yeah segan nak step into the store coz tak mampu...hehe..

takpe... mampu pon tak semestinya nak. eheheh... kalao aku ada RM40,000 i may opt for a pre loved gucci classic for my mom instead.

true! this bag exude certain aura. kalau ada yang kata beg ni buruk ke..DCT takde taste ke,I beg to differ la. She has the charisma to go along with the bag. *I've seen one lady toting authentic Chanel bag,but she looked totally trashy,really downgrade the chanel aura.

It's not the bag yang buruk ,sometimes its the people yang tak tau nak matchkan bag with their own image.*

hahahahhaha ...

((sambil kepala hotak lebih pokes kat entry pontianak ajl tuh))


happy bday tok t may ur wish cm true

but again.. sometimes you don't choose the bag. it chooses you.

Well, LV bags are always expensive. But I don't really like the colour of this one. Seems weird to me.

Regards from cr3ap

hahaha.. aku baca..s emua org takut nak masuk kedai2 yang hebat2.. korg kena ingat.. walaupun korg masuk kedai LV ka Gucci ka.. it as same as kedai2 lain.kita tau kita tak mampu beli. tapi tak salah nak pi jenguk benda yang kita impikan suatu hari kita dapat/mampu beli..korg tak perasan ke, pekerja dia pun tak mampu nak pakai..tolong juai je.then buat muka kerek.kalau they all beli pun mesti guna discount staff 30% ke 40% ke.. kahkahkah..they all pun sama je ngan kita.. aku tak kesah.. aku serbu je kedai2 cam ni.. then i make them show me all the stuff and i left! its my right.. this is human right!! especially customer's right to be treated like a king or queen..hahaha..

true! agreed sangat. hak kita sebagai consumer beb. walaopon lambat nak 'consume'. eheheh

kawan aku ade kejer kat LV...........

die kate bag neh DT K dah beli lame....... n tuttt.............. huhu

kulit water snake ..........

songo, tak la lama sangat. the beg debut pun sekitar november/december. ala ala

hye KK

talking about tis LV kan.. kaler dia mmg cantik cuma yg tak cantik is the tali beg.. mcm rantai basikal jer.. anw branded hbag mmg tak agak2 hege dia kan.. goshh sooooo expensive.. but if dah kaya duit byk tak salah nak beli..

pearl and resin tuh. ehehehe.. tu la. kalao ada duit ok je.