Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010 people!

We're already one hour plus into the new year. Happy 2010 people! Still feels the same to me though... no major life changing transition.

Still hope it will be a great year, and I know I've got lots to do to make it that way.

Apapon, ni dok rumah layan bunyi bunga api, tak sampai lima minit da abih. Now it's eerily quiet. Gatal bijik lak nak kuar rasanya sebab member member da SMS da. Aduh.. camna nih.

Oh well... I guess I have to force myself to stay at home. Memang tanak kuar kalao boleh. Mungkin esok...

Apapon, for those yang partying (tak mungkin korang baca la kalao tengah berpesta kan), take care, and be safe!

It's 2010!