Monday, January 11, 2010

Good morning all!

Well it is a pretty good morning isn't it... after the splendid results of Anugerah Juara Lagu 24. Walaopon aku tau ada yang mesti merungut... sebab their favourites didn't win.

Boo to you then.. sebab I think the jury did a splendid job.

For those of you who missed the results - nih dia.

Juara Lagu : Pergi (Aizat/Pete Teo/Amran Omar)
(RM35,000 and trophy)

Runner-up : Dan Sebenarnya (Yuna/Yuna/Yuna)
(RM15,000 and trophy)

Third place : Bencinta (Faizal Tahir/Audi Mok/Faizal Tahir)
(RM12,000 and trophy)

Best Vocal Performance : Black (Aku Rindu Sayang Kamu)
(RM10,000 and trophy)

Best Performance : Aizat (Kau Aku)
(RM10,000 and trophy)

So my prediction of Pergi memang betul.. as was my prediction of Bencinta in the top three pon being in second. My wildcard possibility of being in top three in Dan Sebenarnya made it beating Kau Aku, tapi prediction aku for Best Performance in Stacy was wrong when Aizat won for Kau Aku - which I mentioned masa dry run (check a couple of entries ago) that it had the possibility of a win after watching preparations.

As for Best Vocal - Black was nowhere in my list. That much I have to admit. So that was the only one aku tersasar gila babas punya.

Now before anything.. layan pic ni jap.

Nampak tak apa apa yang pelik?

Ni time masa Aizat tengah perform Kau Aku. Nampak tak benda putih wrapped in white.. erm... kalao iut watermark aku atas the second 'B'. Scary!

Tapi aku rasa ni antara penari terbang Faizal sebab pastuh dia perform Bencinta. Tapi erm.. yang ni cam dibalut kain putih. Argh!!! Horror! Mungkinkah... JANGAN TEGUR!

Apapon... kan aku da kata opening MELETOP! Aku menjerit cam orang gila. Siti and Lan... FANTASTIC! Best opening EVER in an awards show to date and it will be VERY DIFFICULT to top this collaboration.

Apapon... for those yang nak bitch about the results. Aku hanya leh explain the best I can for those yang tak paham jury choices.

By the way, sebelom apa-apa mai aku explain sapa jury and what they did.

Syed Ahmad Faisal Al-Attas atau lebih dikenali sebagai Pacai dan Hazami yang bertanggungjawab score for composition manakala Dr Wan Zawawi dan Fatimah Abu Bakar on lyrics, sementara Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Zainal Abidin and Media Prima Television Networks group chief executive officer Datuk Seri Farid Ridzuan yang score for performances along with the other judges to make up for the 30% of the score untuk dicampurkan pada previous pre-judging by the assigned judges. Paham?

Ok... Pergi... berkali aku explain why this choice of my Juara Lagu - and the eventual winner was the best composition.

Memang lagu lain sedap - tapi Pergi ni lain. Lagu nih simple, but again like I always maintained, is COMPLEX in all its simplicity. From structure of the composition, to the simple but lyrics yang mendalam, Pergi memang kelainan. Plus on top of that, walaopon lagu ni senang dan ramai mampu nyanyi - but only someone like Aizat yang dapat menyelam ke dalam jiwa, and pull out those emotions could bring out the emotions of the song to make it an even more superb masterpiece!

And plus the AWESOME arrangement, with Linda doing the Indian style vocalization... dia start je aku da nitis airmata. It would take a heart of stone not to melt when you hear Pergi... especially this version.

Thank you Aizat for the experience... and for delivering the emotions. I'm sure... many are proud, and some would have been proud if they had been able to hear it...

Bencinta? I've always liked Bencinta. It's not run of the mill rock. And ramai biased sebab tak minat Faizal Tahir mostly kalao kata tak suka Bencinta, or perhaps not a fan of his style. But this is a song composition contest, and Bencinta is a unique and rather experimental piece of mainstream rock-flavoured pop.

And I sort of like the tribute to Michael Jackson. It was inspired by, and not an Adam Lambert meets Michael Jackson doused with Mad Max affair like Bengang became with horrible conceptualization.

Dan Sebenarnya, so may argue is the best sebab lyrical content dia. I don't doubt it is good, and deservedly among the winners, tapi I think it's not strong to go against Pergi, but again, layak to be in the best three.

Best Performance may not be expected - but neither did I. But Aizat did well with Kau Aku. Walaopon ramai bawak tiga empat kampung, and kids especially, Kau Aku worked well with it. There was a certain element of genuine honesty with the performance and I guess that's why the jury awarded it that. Admit it.. you felt like dancing with the kids too. A little Laskar Pelangi flavoured.

Best Vocal Performance. Well... ok.. I expected Misha technically, though she wasn't perfect. Or Stacy for her ability to hold her own despite the moves. But Black, according to Fauzi Marzuki, which I have to agree with, did something impressive from the lowest note to the highest, showing off his range, especially when he started outside the stadium. That I have to give credit to Black walaupon aku mencik lagu dia.

So anyway.. congrats to the winners. No matter what anyone says... you guys deserve the wins. And kengkawan kat TV3 especially to Gbam and Su and Co. - congratulations for the best show ever in AJL history. Walaopon camera angle kekadang gila... dan tak sheshuai!!! Still a lot of Astro productions can learn a lot from you.

And now a couple of very random pics that don't fit in anywhere else in this entry.

Audi Mok - the BEST producer and composer and booger collector in the business!
Doa tuk bersyukur...
So that's it... I think Anugerah Juara Lagu 24 has been the best ever. What do you guys think?

PS - Tak paham sebilangan kecil yang otak sempit tak puas hati speku bagai hanya kerana bukan pilihan cliche yang menang. Rata rata kemenangan Pergi disambut baik penggiat seni - and fans of music, so this loud minority nak bising sebab something cliche tak menang. Sodih perangai. Educate yourself, bitches.



hahhahaha .. gilerr ko ... ker Mumia putih tu? wakakkakaka ... yer lagu PERGI intro ala india tu mmg daya penarik

sob sob sob ... hujan ... huhuhu


hahahaha... yeap... pergi was very different. and yes, SEARCH GILA BABAS ROCK! aku sampai cam orang kena sawan banging da.

suka review ni. yup2, the best AJL ever. perfomrance yg takleh dilupai, dato' ct & lan, faizal tahir, aizat (both songs) and search. thumbs up to the crew!

agree with you.. the best AJL so far!! luv the set.. the lighting.. AWESOME!
I cried at the end of pergi.. gila babas tersentuh.. mmg best la!!

ajl terbaik bg aku ajl tahun lepas...cenderung utk pilih tahun lepas sbb lagu2 yg bertanding tahun lepas lebih mantap dari tahun ni..but it was close..selain dari masalah aku dengan lagu2 yg masuk final,yg lain sume ok.


kalau dari segi persembahan, AJL kalini paling best. semua kreatif dan mmg enjoy. mmg expect stacy dapat, tp tgk aizat sangat enjoy time perform kau aku. mmg patut dia dapat.

dan lagu pergi dah agak leh menang. suka dgn music composition nya.

i think this year lagu semua strong and fresh - tu yang penting. kebanyakannya tidak cliche.

dan dari segi persembahan semua ada daya usaha yang lebih dari biasa.

pelik tgk akim semalam mcm gay... sebijik mcm adam lambert.. ada ciri-ciri yg kuat jadi gay...

siti nyanyi tak besh. sakit telinge lagi2 bie dia 'arab'kan lagu tu. lagi besh klau jac gabung dgn lan

bab imej akim, tu perunding dia nya salah.

as for siti - i love her performance, but i guess kalao ko tak minat nak wat camna.

wasn't exactly my favourite AJL of all time...and would you believe i was crocheting whilst listening to the songs? haha...which goes to show that AJL24 didn't really capture my attention..i thought the best parts were Lan singing with Siti (although when Siti nyanyi mula-mula tu, I thought she completely butchered it...thank God Lan showed up), Aizat's Pergi and the dancing crowd masa Hujan's performance..loved it..oh, and Search, of course! Stacy is definitely incredible at being able to dance and controlling her vocals..but can we please see a different side to Stacy? I'm sure she's quite versatile. Oh, and the 3 hosts..yes, they kept the crowd entertained, but am I the only one getting tired of the 'pendek' and 'kulit gelap' jokes? But overall, i'm just thankful we no longer have to endure the 'Etnik Kreatif' songs..yang selalu nya would be the best excuse to go to the kitchen or toilet. My 2 cents..

Help me to convey my congratulation to the organizer and all the finalist. All i can say this is the quality we should invest for the sake to be known in music world. Love the stage, love all the performances, love lighting, colors, costumes etc. The songs i would say the best choices to be in the final. considered something fresh in our music the music arangement ....i just dont like some heavily used choir performances....the choir sometimes overshadow some of the singers vocal and some choirs tidak sedap lah (through the tv- kasar....not angelic or sometimes macam sumbang je)...opps...sorry

Mihai - I agree. Only in Malaysia, the majority of content of a script would go on and on about demeaning remarks to each other.

mel : will do. i think AJl kali ni memang lain... for good that is

good preview laa joe.. congrats.. you makin top sejak dua menjak ni.. tolong sampaikan ucapan tahniah kpd pihak tv3 keran AJL 24 adalah yg terbaik.. lain daripada AJL lalu... puas hati beb...

i think tv3 knows da. ekekekek but yeap. they eserve praise.

Dah memang pesta syaiton!!!
Dahlah banyak simbol masonic/illuminti

Yg putih tu.... x heran la ..muncul...
Illuminati are infiltrators anywhere and everywhere...
This is a proof tht they have plans for M'sia.