Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fame 2009

I remember watching Fame when I was in primary school. The TV series that had Debbie Allen in it (one of the best choreographers for me), a certain Janet Jackson (masa tuh hado famous katanya) and Nia Peeples (who didn't make it that big but had a decent album or two).

Then backtracked and watched the movie.

Can't remember much but two very powerful songs from it - Out Here On My Own, and of course the theme song, Fame. Both done spectacularly by Miss Irene Cara who was also in the movie version - and shortly was to deliver another killer song from another soundtrack in Flashdance.. What A Feeling).

So anyways, Was Googling for some latest releases, and saw that the remake of Fame has been released here. Low-key gila. Takde publicity gituh kat sini. Hanjeng! Seb baik aku terperasan.

So ari nih, planning nak take some time out on my own (da lama tak wat nih - biasa gi movie sorang, then treat myself to buying something and a makan... almost a date without any complaints or heartache). Decided I would take in Fame.

What can I say about this version?

Well, the basic premise of the movie, outlining the Auditions, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior Years and Graduation remains the same as far as I remember.

And there's the theme song thrown in somewhere, and Out Here On My Own.

Apart from that, nothing much is the same.

Probably I'm just nostalgic for the original, but this version was presented in a stylized MTV flashy presentation, which was nice and provided some exciting scenes, but robbed Fame of the soul the original had.

The storyline was there, but underdeveloped, as were the characters.

Speaking of which, casting was horrible - with only Naturi Naughton standing out as Denise Dupree - which even that, she didn't do as good as she should have, probably due to the lame script.

Her version of Out Here On My Own on the piano like Irene Cara, was a reflection of the movie overall. Powerful, and yet soulless and lacking any real depth despite it's amazing visual presentation. More style than substance in other words.

But for those who never saw the original Fame, give it a try. Seriously... it perhaps might (and I say might knowing some people won't get it) offer you a perspective into the performing arts.

Dance, music, acting... I wish our artistes could realize that pride in their craft was important. If this was done locally, I don't know how many of our stars could have performed well enough. Maybe two or three names pop to mind, but that's it.

In other words, artis kita, ramai yang berbakat - tapi ada yang tong kosong jerk... cuba isi ngan ilmu dari feeling kuat lebih jerk. Heh... matilah.... but honestly, I wish more of our talents here realized just how much they have to equip themselves with instead of selling themselves into the slavery of commercialization with their cukup-makan abilities.

Now listening to the original soundtrack (I have the re-released version on CD) for inspiration. Nak abihkan keja sikit.

Everyday is a brand new start, and tomorrow, I have some things I have to begin. More projects need to be completed, so time for me to get my nose on the grindstone again. Been slacking off for the past couple of weeks. Time to whip my ass back into action.

PS - Loving the new cover I bought for my Blackberry.

PPS - Layan the original version and new version of Out Here On My Own and Fame.

PPPS - I loved the ending of Hold Your Dream in the new version, but the original I Sing The Body Electric (which was copied pretty much and enhanced in terms of visuals) was so much more awesome and inspiring. I think the 2009 version was made by some spectacular people - who lacked heart and soul.



Hai Joe,

Yup! Saw the movie and ur right, tak best sangat macam the original Fame! Almost fell asleep, but since it's Fame, what the heck ya?

Joe, didn't make it for the auditions, my grandad passed away last Friday, so had to cancel my flight to KK, terus balik Kch. Not my luck I guess Joe! Maybe next time? I still have 15 AFs to try out for, maybe? Hehehe...

Just LOL to get the sadness away!! Well, that's life kan? Thank you again for the tips Joe, so at least I have one year to practise lah. Hehehe...


D sorry to hear that. hope you keep smiling ok. things won't get better, but you keep reminding yourself they could. :-)

and as for fame... i dunno la.. tak meet the expectations.walaopon it got me listening back again to the old songs, like i sing the body electric.

hai joe,

thanks!! really appreciate it. nak buat mcm mana, facts of life... :-)

ya lah, punya lah boring actually, i saw the making somewhat last year n was like yes!! mcm best, kena carik dvd or whatever lah, then dah tengok d cerita, my goodness, tak ada excitement langsung!! i thought the story is going to build up of somehow, but at last I was like... Uhhh???

ya lah, even the theme song pun mcm, what??

kan... but the choreography was beautiful lor. and the camerawork. tu aku kena puji. lain hampeh la...

I setuju ngan u joe... choreography and camework was classy...

aku ni bukanlah expert, but just from an audience's view. scene Kherington Payne, itu aku suka. the choreography masa they all guna black leotards tu best... very like ala2 moulin rouge.

i seem to like Anna Maria, Sesame Street. Hehehe... That was cute, tapi tak habis study. Sian, but it's "her" choice.

Paling aku mencik sangat, si Collins Pennie. I just can't stand him, trying to hard to potray an angst teen from the hood!!! Boring!!! Tak da feel langsung.

Anyway, just a humble opinion. Hehehe... I nak try out for the up-coming All Stars Malaysia audition tu. Banyak sikit kategori kan? Nak try the acting & singing. Nak wat modelling, tinggi pun 5'8' aja. hahaha... muka mcm bulan. hehehehe... nak menari, dah pencen.angan2...